I am a Buddhist, anarcho-socialist student of history and defender of truth.

I am an anti-capitalist business owner.  I am a globalist but an ardent defender of national sovereignty.  I am a pacifist filled with demented rage.  I understand the power of now but spend most of my free time studying the past.  I am an anti-racist who loves his heritage.  I am a teacher with a deep fear in the indoctrinating effects of mass education.  I constantly extol the virtues of multi-lingualism but am still not fluent in a second language.  I am at one with nature, but I live in an urban jungle.  I am an atheist member of the cult of Ganesha.  I’m a misanthrope in love with two women.  I believe that drugs are tools not to be abused, but I use them to escape everyday.  In the words of the late, great Walt Whitman: ‘I am large  I contain multitudes.’

The more I get to know people, the less I like them.  This is a recurring theme in my life.  I focus on the worst aspects of people.  Lots of people have alternative motives and cannot be taken at face value.  One of the reasons I live in a foreign country is so I won’t have to talk to people too much.  Sometimes I pretend I can’t speak the local language at all.  I used to run a resort, but I hated dealing with customers.

I study astrology, linguistics, history, geography, geology, psychology, political science and more.  My first passion is literature.  I studied English at university and loved every second of it.  I hated having to graduate.  I used to want to be a novelist, but my interests are too varied, and I don’t have the attention span to finish a novel.

I am fascinated, proud, or ashamed of my home country, USA, depending on what mood I’m in, but don’t you ever forget that I love it.  Descent is the highest form of patriotism.  I agree with Noam Chomsky that people should prioritize criticism of their own country, because that’s the one they have the most influence over.  And I’m not apathetic.  When you stop engaging with the world, you stop living.

I come from a big, rich, conservative, southern family.  They’re TV watchers.  They do things by the book.  They don’t ask questions.  They have faith in the institutions of America like toddlers have faith in their parents.  I’m like an alien to them, a peculiar curiosity that passes through town every couple of years.  They don’t understand me, nor do they really try to.  They are the happiest people on Earth.  In some ways I envy them.  And I love them with all my heart.

I am starting this blog for many reasons.  It is a project.  It may fizzle out, or it may go strong for years.  I enjoy writing because it helps me to organize thoughts in my cluttered mind.  I also think the world is severely lacking in serious discussions about important matters.  If I can add some contribution to the public consciousness, my life will have served it’s purpose.  I’m not much to talk to, so the most you will get out of me is what I pound out on my keyboard alone in my room.