On June 8th 1967, the USS Liberty was attacked by the Israeli Air Force in international waters in the eastern Mediterranean, killing 34 crew members and injuring 171.  This was a failed false-flag attack as Israel had intended to blame Egypt to get the US to invade the Arabs; Israel being unable or unwilling to fight their own wars of expansion.


The official propaganda from Tel Aviv and Washington is that it was all an honest mistake.  This should already be unbelievable at face value, but if you dig any deeper into eye-witness accounts, the narrative just falls apart.  Here  is a very detailed account of what happened on that morning.

For context, you must understand that Egypt was ruled by the Pan-Arab leader Gamal Abdel Nasser from 1954-70.  His lofty ambition was to unite the Arab world from Iraq to Morocco as one nation.  This is obviously a Zionist’s worst nightmare.  Syria was the only country to sign on, and Egypt and Syria formed the United Arab Republic and soon developed strong alliances with North Yemen and Libya.  Iraq and Jordan then united to form a rival Arab federation, and the Saudis ramped up their Wahhabi indoctrination to hold on to their power.  Nevertheless, for a while Israel had to exist right in the middle of the UAR, and Egypt still controlled Gaza.  By 1967, the UAR had failed (Syria having pulled out in the Early 60s), and Israel was looking to capitalize on Egypt’s newfound insignificance, so they spread rumors that they were going to attack Egypt, then Egypt put troops on the border and blocked Israel’s access to the Red Sea.  Israel then pretended that Egypt’s defensive maneuver was the initial provocation and invaded Egypt.  They quickly annexed Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula but, to proceed, needed help from their big attack dog across the Atlantic.  Luckily for them, The US was and still is (as Netanyahu likes to boast) “a thing which you can move easily.”

The USS Liberty was a spy ship.  It was sent to the Mediterranean to gather information on the 6-days war and positioned about 13 miles off the Egyptian coast.  Starting just before 7 in the morning, the IDF did at least 8 reconnaissance flyovers.  A large American flag was flapping in a steady breeze, and American seaman were on deck waving ‘good morning’ to their allies.  Then the order was given to attack.  Even the Israeli pilots were in disbelief.  One noble Israeli pilot named Evan Toni  refused to murder his allies and returned back to base where he was promptly arrested.  A now declassified CIA document  containing the transcript of the exchange between the pilots and Tel Aviv clearly shows that the pilots reported multiple times that the ship was flying an American flag.  One of them said, “this is pure murder.” “Follow through with your orders,” was the prompt reply.

The ship was peppered with bullets and missiles.  They also destroyed the life rafts after they had been lowered to the water (a war crime).  They even fired a missile at an EC121 US surveillance plane that they feared might have witnessed the fight. The Liberty was a defenseless unarmed spy ship.  The captain tried to radio for help, but the radio signal was jammed.  With 1967 technology it was impossible to jam a radio unless you had inside knowledge of what frequency they were using.  They somehow found one free channel and managed to get in touch with another navel ship in the Mediterranean which scrambled planes to the seen.  Secretary of Defense Robert McNemara (the same scumfuck who brought us the Gulf of Tonkin false flag) ordered the planes to turn back and to not report the events to the IDF.  About two hours into the attack, an Israeli torpedo boat came to deliver the death blow.  It fired a torpedo, but it wasn’t a direct hit, and the boat didn’t sink.  After this the attack mysteriously stopped.  Maybe someone on the Torpedo boat started showing signs of conscience.  More than likely they became aware that a Soviet destroyer had been monitoring the whole exchange from near by and would have released photographic evidence of who done it had the Israeli’s successfully sunk the Liberty.  They couldn’t have gotten away with attacking the Soviet ship because Zionists don’t control the Kremlin like they do Washington.  A voice then came over the Torpedo boat’s speaker asking in English, “Do you need any help?.” “Fuck you,” the Liberty replied.  So they left it there, knowing they were going to have some serious explaining to do.  The Soviet explorer was the next ship to offer assistance.  The Liberty again declined (evidently still too stupid to know who their real enemies were.)  An allied boat, the USS Davis, did not reach the Liberty for an unprecedented 16 hours.

The cover-up began almost immediately.  The Pentagon imposed a news blackout on the subject.  The pentagons first report was written within twenty minutes of the Liberty’s recovery.  It had already apparently gathered enough information to conclude that it was an accident.  Admiral McCain (father of John McCain) placed all the sailors on gag order.  They weren’t even allowed to talk about what happened with their wives until an investigation was completed.  They were also all split up, so no two survivors were reassigned to the same ship.  At least two sailors refused to comply with the gag order so were placed in a mental hospital and  narrowly escaped being given electroshock therapy by fighting with the doctors.  The first investigation concluded that Israel may have known the ship was American, so the investigators were fired and their report never released.  The new investigators came to the pre-approved conclusion, and their report was released by the propaganda outlets.

In 1980, senator Adlai Stevenson tried to have a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation.  But Israel contacted the Carter White House and agreed to pay 40 million more dollars to the victims families to stop the investigation  . The New York Times then ran a story titled The Book is Now Closed on the USS Liberty.  And the whole establishment turned against Stevenson and he was unable to fund his reelection campaign that year and lost.

In 1979, Liberty survivor James Ennes Published his first hand account called Assault on the USS Liberty.  The mainstream propaganda outlets either labeled him a paranoid anti-Semite or ignored him, but no one seriously addressed his claims.