A very interesting 19 pages to read is Oded Yinon’s A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties. You can extend its conclusions and apply them to Zionist/ Neocon policies today.  It lays out Israel’s objectives but doesn’t go into specific details about strategy.  The thesis of the paper is that the post-Ottoman Arab nations are fractured and unsustainable in the long term and that this should be exploited by Israel.  It was published on June 13th 1982 during the heat of the Iran-Iraq war, significant internal conflict in Lebanon, early signs of similar conditions in Syria, an economically decimated Egypt, kept afloat only by US aid, and the beginnings of the Qaddafi regime.  Some Zionist watchers have pointed to this document as evidence of a greater conspiracy known as ‘The Greater Israel Project’ in which Israel supposedly wants to expand their borders (with biblical precedent) into a massive, brave new Israel, stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates.

greater israel

After careful reading, I see no evidence of such a level of expansionist aspirations in this particular document, however, this theory is worth considering when you apply it to past and present Israeli and American policy in the region, especially as it applies to Iran.  This has weighed heavily on my mind since researching the propaganda v. truth of Iran when I wrote Biggest State Sponsor of Terrorism: Iran or Saudi Arabia? , and even more so recently as it is becoming more evident that the Trump Administration will pull out or the ‘Iran Nuclear deal.’  The main excuses for the pull out so far given are that Iran has violated the ‘spirit’ of the agreement (whatever the fuck that means) by testing a missile defense system (like every other developed country in the world is allowed to do) and that Obama gave them too good a deal because he gave them back billions of dollars (which Trump and American propagandists always ‘forget’ to mention was their own money, frozen in foreign bank accounts as part of the sanctions.) UN observers and all independent watch dogs are in complete agreement that Iran is complying with the agreement.  I’ve just watched a speech by the German Foreign Secretary condemning the move, and most or all EU member states seem to be in agreement.  Also, what precedent does this set for the other side of the Asian continent?  Why should North Korea or any other country agree to a peace deal with the US if they can just come along a couple years later and make up some bull shit about noncompliance to the ‘spirit’ of the agreement.  Pulling out of this deal will represent a major blow to America’s reputation and relevance on the global stage.  So why are they doing something so obviously against their best interests?  The short answer is that Trump seems to be on a mission to make Israel great again.

Libya is currently a failed state governed by regional war lords.  I have little doubt that this was the plan for Syria and Iraq as well.  During the war in Syria, Israel treated Isis fighters in their hospitals and bombed the Syrian government.  Oded Yinon made it clear that he thought it was in Israel’s best interests to balkanize Syria along ethnic and religious lines with Alawites along the coast, two different Sunni states centered around Aleppo and Damascus respectively, Druze in the southwest and Golan Heights, and Kurds in the northeast.  The government is Damascus could have never survived this ISIS, Israeli, US alliance on its own.  It survived for two main reasons:  Russia and Iran.

Likewise, Iran came to the rescue in Iraq where Israel supports the recent Kurdistan independence referendum.  Unlike Libya, Iraq still has a functioning central government thanks mostly to Iran.  Contrary to Western propaganda, the 2005 Iraqi elections were organized by Iran.  The US had no interest in a democratic Iraq because that would mean a Shia controlled, Iran allied Iraq.  The goal was to create a failed state from which three weak, independent countries would slowly emerge:  Kurds in the North, Sunnis in the central and western parts of the country, and Shiites in the southeast.  This would have been more probable if Iraq wasn’t so oil-rich.

Although he conceded the Golan Heights, Yinon believed everything west of the Jordan River (and perhaps some more mountainous territory to the East) was Israeli territory and that all Palestinians in the West Bank should relocate to Jordan.  This was wishful thinking as the Jordanian royal family is already outnumbered by Palestinians and surely wouldn’t welcome a few million more.  Yinon’s main reasoning for this is that Israel is too densely populated and cannot survive in a volatile, nuclear world unless they spread out, which is an understandable concern.

As I mentioned in Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty , Israel can’t execute its agenda without help from the loyal goyim from across the pond, and as I mentioned in Is America Really a Democracy? , the support they receive in Washington and in the American media is unwavering.  Israel wants the Arab world divided into many insignificant nations, so they can dominate the region, but there is one big obstacle called ‘Iran’ in the way.  Can the neocons do their job and eliminate that obstacle?  Will the American people be stupid enough to go fight and die in another Israeli war?