America has recently ramped up its propaganda campaign against Iran.   To prove that Iran is a threat to world peace , US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley recently stood in front of a giant missile supposedly launched by Houthi rebels in Yemen at the Riyadh airport.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley briefs the media in front of remains of Iranian "Qiam" ballistic missile in Washington

The layers of bullshit at play here are breathtaking.  First off, we’re just supposed to take Saudi Arabia’s word for it.  Secondly, no connection between Iran and the Houthis has been proven.  And, lastly, if it’s all true, could you blame them?  Possibly the worst humanitarian crisis of the century is currently unfolding in Yemen.  The cholera epidemic I mentioned in Biggest State Sponsor of Terrorism: Iran or Saudi Arabia?   has now claimed a million victims.  Another five million are on the brink of starvation.  As the US-Saudi-AL Qaeda coalition rains death and destruction upon that recently peaceful nation, could you really blame them for launching a desperate hail Mary at their tormentors? And allow me to really drill home something I touched on last sentence.  The US and Saudi Arabia are conducting the air and navel offensives in Yemen, but do you know who the main ground force is in that coalition?  Al Qaeda.  So Al Qaeda supposedly attacked the US on 9-11, and now, more than sixteen years later, under the same congressional authorization of force, in a completely unrelated conflict a thousand miles away, the US is allied with Al Qaeda.  Take a moment of silence and let that sink in.

The tired old talking point you still hear is that Iran is destabilizing the region.  In reality they are one of the main forces in the world fighting Islamic extremism while America’s allies are exporting it.

Another major development is the US’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and their plan to relocate their embassy there.  My guess is security is going to be conspicuously lax.  If an attack is not forthcoming, Israel will be more than willing to take care of the job themselves, as you should know if your read my article Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty.  I pity the ignorant cannon fodder they are going to get to man this embassy.  The attack / false flag will have to kill at least a baker’s dozen American diplomats to warrant the sufficient amount of outrage from the war-weary public to kick off another full-scale Middle Eastern war.  It will be easy for the propaganda machine to blame it on Iranian-backed forces given their well-documented support for Hamas and Palestinians in general.

This embassy move has been widely accepted by both sides of the American isle and widely condemned by the rest of the world.  Can you imagine what the response would be if Trump unilaterally declared Crimea or the Dombas part of Russia, and 97% of UN member states condemned it?  The propagandists on MSNBC would shit their pants.  Meanwhile we have proven collusion through APAC.  Jared Kushner is invested in illegal settlements in the West Bank, and he got Michael Flynn to contact various ambassadors from countries who are opposed to illegal settlements, and the MSM labeled this as collusion with Russia not Israel. I would be tempted to laugh at the absurdity if WWIII weren’t such a real possibility.

The neocons and their Zionist handlers have one agenda, as I mentioned in The Greater Israel Project, but some in the American deep state appear to have wider motives.  The similarities between now and WWI are hard to deny, with Iran playing the role of the Ottomans, China playing the role of the Germany, and the one-belt-one-road initiative playing the role of the Berlin-to-Baghdad railway.  This also manifests in the form of the new Balochistan independence movement which, along with regime change in Iran, would effectively cut off the OBOR from the Arabian Sea, crippling China’s ambitions for Central Asian hegemony.  Only in this context does America’s continued presence in Afghanistan make sense.

Even America’s friends in Saudi Arabia are threatening to switch teams.  They have long been open about their long-term plan to open up Saudi Aramco to foreign investment.  This is sensible because obviously you can’t base your economy on a finite resource.  But in a recent plot twist, rumor has it they will offer it privately to Chinese investors before the IPO.  If this becomes a reality, it goes without saying that the petrodollar would soon become the petroyuon.  Change does seem to be afoot.   In a recent power grab, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman had several members of the royal family arrested and kidnapped the Prime Minister of Lebanon.  But it’s Iran that’s destabilizing the region right?

Meanwhile in Tehran a few weeks ago, an anti-government protest fizzled out despite heartfelt appeals to justice by Trump and Netanyaho.  Here is a great and short documentary of how America creates crisis around the world. . Unfortunately for the US, the world, and especially Iran, is starting to catch on to this trick, and the Americans are going to have to dig deeper into their tool box.  For example…I don’t know…an embassy bombing?