So the MSM wants us to believe that thirteen social media trolls swung the 2016 election, and, unsurprisingly, many are dumb enough to believe it.  Billions of dollars were spent on media in that election.  Hillary even had a bigger troll army at Correct the Record.  But the masterful, sophisticated PR network of a few Russians could not be beat.  Democratic congressmen are even going on MSNBC and comparing this to Pearl Harbor.

trump putin

This reminds me of during the Obama Administration when Republicans were questioning his citizenship and suggesting he may be a secret Muslim.  There were a hundred different crimes against humanity that Fox and the Republicans could have focused on, but they would only mention nonsense and police his tone.

The reason for this, as I mentioned in Is America Really a Democracy? , is that the two parties can’t attack each other on policy because they agree at least 90% of the time, because they both serve the same donors.  If the Democrats supported single-payer healthcare, ending the wars, ending the drug war, raising the minimum wage to $15 and tying it to inflation, making college free or affordable, and improving infrastructure (all of which have more than a 50% approval rating) they would sweep the country in a landslide in November.  If they even came out strong on one of these issues they would probably beat Trump in the 2020 election.  But they won’t support a single one of those common-sense issues, because their donors won’t allow it.  When it comes to the economy, the military, healthcare, taxes, surveillance, the police state, foreign policy, the environment, substance control, the prison industrial complex, big pharma, regulations and much more, the two parties are in far more agreement than they want you to know.

Russiagate is not only being used to smear Trump but also the legitimate left.  Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein have been labeled Putin puppets. This is because the real left is populist and they have facts on their side, so the democrats cannot debate them on policy.  Look at what happens when the establishment, in this case Fox News, tries to debate policy with an honest, uncorrupted public servant like Jill Stein.  It doesn’t go well for them.  It doesn’t matter how much they appeal to patriotism and Jesus to try and generate an emotional reaction, facts win.  Could you imagine if she was allowed on stage with Trump and Hillary?

It needs to be stated that, of course, this is deeper than just a partisan thing.  After all, Mueller and Comey are Republicans.  It’s also a deep state verse Trump thing. I’ve thought about this a lot, and I think they are just scared of Trump’s unpredictability.  They don’t know what type of secrets he might relieve on Twitter.  He’s not really one of them.  He’s fumbled his way into this position, but he’s not anti-establishment.  In fact, he’s proving himself to be the Zionists’ bitch.  This is probably due to the massive personal dept he holds.  If he follows orders, the Jewish bankers will wipe his slate clean.  He’s still an unknown entity to the intelligence community.  They knew for sure that Hillary would have followed orders and not rocked the boat at all, and they know Pence would do the same thing.  They could get Trump on collusion with Israel, but as far as Washington in concerned, Israel is the 51st state, so that will never happen.  Besides, if they opened up that can of worms, 99% of congress could be indicted.  He could definitely be convicted of war crimes, but that would set a bad precedent, closing the door for future, more pro-establishment war criminals.  They’re not left with much to work with.

I wish Trump would fire Mueller.  This charade has gone on long enough. It would be fun to see the likes of Rachel Maddow and Bill Mahar’s heads explode, and it would give me a small amount of hope that there may still be some autonomy in the Executive Branch.  But I’m not optimistic.  I think the Democrats will run again in 2020 on a platform of only hating Trump and not standing for anything, and most people won’t show up to vote, and Trump could win again despite being one of the least popular presidents in history.