This is an update to my post The Recent Events in Syria.  A lot of new information has been uncovered.  Douma is different from the Khan Sheikhoun attack last year, because Douma has already been liberated, so there are western journalists on the ground poking around.  In short, the establishment propaganda is falling apart so fast all the MSM can do is resort to ad hominem  attacks on truth tellers.

First off, apparently the terrorists already buried all the bodies at an unknown location.  Well, isn’t that convenient.  Nothing suspicious here.

Secondly, not one civilian in Douma says there was a chemical attack.  I mentioned in my last post that RT interviewed people at the hospital.  Now Sputnik has interviewed one of the boys from the white helmets video who was being hosed down, and he and his father corroborate the claim that he was only suffering from hypoxia, and the white helmets came, filmed him having water poured on him, then gave him a snack and left.

Award-winning journalist Robert Fisk of The Independent piled on the truth when he also interviewed a doctor (not the same one as RT) at the Douma hospital.  This doctor, Assim Rahaibani, says the video was real and was filmed in his clinic, but there was no chemical attack, only patients suffering from hypoxia after hiding in dusty tunnels, and White Helmets filming a propaganda video.

One America News also sent a reporter named Pearson Sharp to the scene.  You can see a good report from him here.  He interviewed dozens of random people on the streets in Douma at ground zero of the ‘attack.’ None of them have heard any news of the attack besides on TV.  He also interviewed a doctor at the hospital who said essentially the same thing the people interviewed by Robert Fisk and RT.  In this video you can see Sharp approaching what appears to totally random people on the street, and they don’t seem the least bit threatened or in fear for their lives to me, but you can judge for yourself.

For the sake of being fair and balanced.  I should also tell you that the Syrian Network for Human Rights (an NGO based in London) also apparently interviewed an unnamed doctor from a different unnamed hospital (off camera of course), and he says there was a gas attack that killed 55 and injured more than 800.  The US-funded Syrian America Medical Society also apparently treated around 200 patients for exposure to deadly chemicals, but forgot to take any pictures or document the procedures in any way.  Here is a Bellingcat open investigation.  It is a long-winded report, concluding what we already knew: a bunch of people died in a building in Douma at an unknown time.  Snopes cites the Bellingcat investigation as proof that Assad ‘gassed his own people.’ They also say that all the witnesses who have been questioned by Western journalists are only saying what they’re saying under threat of being killed by the ‘Assad regime.’

We also leaned that the ‘chemical weapons facility’ bombed in Damascus was in fact a pharmaceutical laboratory that had been visited by the OPCW before.  There is lots of footage of people walking around the smouldering rubble on the morning of the attack without gas masks or special protection like you would expect if a sarin gas facility had been blown up.

There were reports that terrorist mounted an offensive in the southern suburbs of Damascus at the same time as the Western bombing.  It’s often been said, somewhat hyperbolically, that the US is the air force of ISIS and Al Qaeda.  At least in this instance, it’s true, and as far as I’m concerned, all military members who took part in it are traitors.

Some French troops joined the Americans at their bases in northeast Syria.  I don’t know yet if this is a build up, or if they are meant to replace US troops as some of them withdraw as Trump had originally planned.  Either way, president Macron is really taking a lead roll in the West’s alliance, this as Paris has been rocked by massive protests over economic reforms in the last week.

It should be noted that the northeast of the country, currently occupied by US and Kurdish forces, is home to most of Syria’s oil fields.  So it appears that the West is going to try to deprive the Syrians of their resources to make rebuilding very difficult.  Most of the country’s remaining natural resources are in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights

The West is also perpetuating the myth that there is a Syrian Kurdistan similar to Iraqi Kurdistan, but Kurds do not make up a strong majority in any region in Syria.  They lived side by side with Arabs until recently when they started stealing land from their Arab neighbors.

The OPCW’s investigation was delayed a few day.  Western propaganda outlets claimed Russian and Syrian forces blocked roads, preventing them from reaching Douma, although at least a dozen western journalists and thousands of civilians returning home seemed to have no trouble.  Russia and Syria, and in fact members of the OPCW itself, said they were waiting for UN approval.  When a UN security team did finally make their first venture into Douma on Wednesday the 18th, five days after they arrived in Damascus, they were fired upon.  No doubt someone was trying to stop the investigation from happening, but there is no way to be sure who.  But they are now in Douma carrying out their investigation, and today they actually met with people involved in the White Helmets film, including the 11-year-old boy interviewed by Sputnik.  This presentation was arranged by Russia, so the West has an excuse to ignore it, but the OPCW has now heard the story of the White Helmets staging the hospital scene right from the horses’ mouths.


Ultimately, I don’t think the OPCW investigation will change anything.  Whichever side doesn’t get their way will just claim it was a corrupted investigation, and it quite likely is.  If every Western government and mainstream news agency had been corrupted than why not the OPCW as well.  It is extremely unlikely that Washington, London, Paris and their media stenographers are going to admit to this monumental ‘error,’ and even if they did, they would frame it as just that: an ‘error,’ bad intelligence like Saddam’s WMDs, but of course they all knew from the start that there was no chemical weapons attack.

Since the establishment has basically been caught with its pants down, they have resorted to smearing anyone who questions the official narrative.  Moon of Alabama did a brilliant report on the phenomenon that you can read right here.  There has been many articles released in the past few weeks aimed at discrediting truth teller but focusing little on the facts of the case. Here are a few example articles:   “Apologists for Assad working in universities” – Times of London, Russia spread fake news via Twitter bots after Salisbury poisoning – analysis The Guardian, Dear Bashar al-Assad Apologists: Your Hero Is a War Criminal Even If He Didn’t Gas Syrians, – The Intercept,  Why are so many leftists falling for fake news on Syria? – Truthdig.

By far the most absurd or these is the Guardian article on twitter bots in which 2 twitter accounts, @partisangirl and @Ian56789, were accused of being literal Russian bots, or computer programs.  They are very much real people.  Syriangirl aka @partisangirl is a well-known figure in alternative media.  You can type her name into YouTube and come up with dozens of interviews.  Ian Shilling aka @ian56789 is also very much a flesh-and-blood human being.  Both of these people have appeared in interviews since the article was released on the 19th.  Here we are, 8 days later, and the article still hasn’t been retracted.  RIP journalistic integrity.

Here is a video of a former UK defense official being scolded on the BBC for questioning the official narrative.  It used to be that the media was supposed to hold the government accountable, now somehow the media is more establishment that the government.

I’m really close to just buying a ticket to Beirut and applying for my Syrian passport.  I feel like I could do some very important work on the ground.  And god knows we need someone who can do the job.  As far as I know, no journalist as visited the building where the people died.  Bellingcat triangulated the exact location. Someone should go there and interview the neighbors. I’m considering sending some emails to journalists that I know are there.

Before I stop, I want to touch on something that is really bothering me.  Notice when I refer to the Syrian forces, I say the ‘SAA’ (Syrian Arab Army) and not ‘the Assad regime.’ The mainstream media likes to boil down conflicts to the work of one mad man: Hitler, Pol Pot, Putin, Assad.  The reality is the SAA are not Assad’s private army.  They are regular people defending their homeland.  Many of them actually opposed Assad in the protests of 2011, but when their country was invaded by foreign terrorists, political ideologies went out the window.  The SAA is secular.  It is comprised of Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Druze, and Alawites.  The resource-starved county can only pay them a salary of $50/ month.  Some reports state that ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters make upwards of $1500/ month, and they come from more than a hundred different countries.  You need to watch how the propaganda machine controls language.  When an elected government becomes a ‘regime’, and terrorists become ‘rebels,’ you should get suspicious.

In conclusion, may god end this madness.

Update:  RT and possibly others have been to that house where the people died, and apparently it was mostly surrounded by terrorists so no neighbors have been interviewed.  (May, 3rd)