There is a highly contagious mental illness sweeping the western world.  It goes by several different names: Cultural Marxism and Social Justice to name a few.  Like its forefather, traditional Marxism, it views the world through the lens of oppressor and oppressed.  In its own way, when taken to its extremes, it can be just as dangerous as right-wing delusions like American Exceptionalism and the blind, uncritical support of police and military.  You’ve probably heard of this ideology in the from of authoritarian, anti-free speech college kids.  One of its more absurd cornerstones is that only white people can be racist because they are the dominant and majority class. (Don’t try to overthink this; it’s just as stupid as it sounds at first glance.)  And one of the more insidious manifestations of this belief is the refusal to acknowledge the plight of one of the most persecuted minorities in the world: white South Africans.

Whites make up only 8.4% of the country’s population, so one would think they could be granted minority status, but, no, this is a very Eurocentric ideology that hinges on the idea of ‘white guilt.’

One of the excuses often given by liberal ethnic-cleansing apologists is that ‘the whites stole the blacks land so they deserve this.’ First off, no one deserves to be murdered.  Secondly the whole ‘stealing land’ argument is a half truth.  The largest black ethnic groups in South Africa, like Zulu, Xhosa, Sesotho, and Tswana, are all Bantu groups who originated from central Africa, slowly migrated south and began to arrive in South Africa around the year 1300, not too long before the first Europeans arrived.  Early Dutch settlers to the region do not report being met by scores of Bantus when they landed, and the arable land was still unused.  The real natives to South Africa are the San and Khoi people who collectively comprise much less than 1% of the population.  Furthermore, name me one nationality who has been the sole occupants of the same piece of land for all recorded history.  Good luck.  Everyone ‘stole’ their land if you look back far enough.  The Japanese ‘stole’ their land from the Ainu.  Anglo Saxons ‘stole’ their land from the Celts.  The Turks ‘stole’ their land from the Greeks.  Arabs ‘stole’ all of North Africa from the Berbers.  etc. etc. etc.  Not that I condone it, but that’s just the way of the world.

The problem became a lot more real when, in February, the South African Parliament voted 65% (241-83) to seize land from white farmers without compensation.  The motion was put forward by the openly genocidal Economic Freedom Fighters Party (EFFP)  whose leader Julius Malema told the country’s parliament: “We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.” Malema has, however, shown some mercy for whites as he said: “We won’t kill whites…. at least for now.”  You can watch that speech is this video.

This is no small amount of land we are talking about.  Though only 8% of the population, whites own about 73% of the county’s arable land.  White land ownership is especially prevalent in the west of the country where in Western Cape Province they own more than 95% of the arable land.



As if all this wasn’t terrifying enough, there is an epidemic of plassmoorde, or farm murders.  Accurate numbers are hard to find, because the black-dominated government suppresses this information.  I’ve seen stats as high as 3,608 farm murders between 1996 and 2017 and as much as 400 in 2017 alone.  So this could be a literal daily occurrence.  And these murders are not always a painless bullet through the head, but often include torture and rape.  Many victims are women and children. South Africans have set up a plaasemoorde memorial on a hillside with crosses bearing the names of victims.



A good starting point to learn about farm murders is the site of Youtuber Lauren Southern.  She traveled to South Africa and did an in-depth study, including interviews with many survivors and families of victims.  It is a heartbreaking series of videos, so have a tissue handy if you choose to check it out.  Southern, for her efforts, has been labeled a neo-Nazi by the lunatic fringes of the left and even denied entrance to the UK.

Discrimination does not only affect farmers, but also poor urban whites, many of whom cannot find work and are living in shantytowns in a sort of reverse Apartheid.  Southern also does a good job documenting this.

Unsurprisingly, many white South Africans are trying to flee the country, but in a bazaar plot twist, they don’t qualify for refugee status in Europe or America so are having to go through the long and difficult process of traditional immigration.  Only Australian immigration minister Peter Dutton is trying to offer asylum to this group, and he is being met with great opposition, both domestically and in the international media.  Here is the Huffington Post’s disgusting one-sided take on the issue.

If you really want to see how insane the left has become, watch this video of a man asking PRO-REFUGEE protesters in Australia if they think Australia should take in white South African refugees and is met with charges that he is a racist and a fascist for caring about white people being murdered.

I don’t know what this world is coming to when identity politics even control our refugee policy.  If you have a functioning heart, please help spread the word.