Western civilization is coming to a fork in the road.  Are we going to stand up and assert our right to know what our elected officials are doing in our names with our tax dollars, or are we going to sit back and let Big Brother take over?  A few decades from now (assuming we make the wrong decision, and I think we will), when we’re living in 1984, if our kids or grandchildren ask us why we allowed it to get so bad, and we look back on the key moments that led to the end of free speech and free thought, this will be one of the main ones.


Both sides of the false dichotomy in America have been propagandized to hate Julian Assange.  The left hates him because he revealed that their beloved Democratic Party is a sham that rigs its own primaries, or something like that.  The right hates him because he endangered troops by publishing a video of troops slaughtering journalists and paramedics in Baghdad and then laughing about it, and he published personal information on ICE members, or something like that.  It’s really hard to keep track of all the absurd things that normal Americans believe.  The people who believe these things usually have never visited the Wikileaks site.

Europeans, who have watched people thrown in prison for Holocaust denial and prosecuted for all sorts of hate speech, are more socially-conditioned to accept this type of Orwellian tyranny.

Everything Wikileaks has ever published has been 100% accurate.  Julian Assange has broken no law.  He’s not a government employee who took an oath to protect classified information.  He’s not even a US citizen.

This seems to mostly be about the DNC/ John Podesta leaks, although Assange was detained in the Ecuadorian embassy long before those leaks occurred.  Mainstream outlets like The New York Times and Der Spiegel also published Chelsea Manning leaks, and of course they are completely safe.  It is lumped in with the Russiagate hysteria.

As I see it, if you take away all the bullshit about troll farms and the laughable notion that Trump is pushing some type of pro-Russian policy, the idea that Russia meddled in the US elections is predicated on two assumptions: A) US voters, including people who donated to Bernie Sanders’ campaign, don’t have a right to know that the DNC primary was rigged, and/or B) Russia did or may actually hack into the election system, including voting machines and voter rolls.  ‘B’ could be solved immediately by implementing paper ballots and/or blockchain, so we can rule that out as a viable concern, which leaves us with one assumption.

In the wake of the madness surrounding the Helsinki summit, the powers that be in America feel confident that what passes for ‘the left’ will be apathetic towards Assange’s arrest.  The right will clap along seals, because, despite what the say, they’re almost all big-government authoritarians at heart.

The liberal, corporate media, like CNN, MSNBC and NYT, like to complain that Trump is hard on the press.  Well this is a real, undeniable example of Trump being ant-press.  It’s interesting to note that they don’t have much to say on this issue.

How they go about this is going to be interesting.  Like I said, he committed no crime, so there are no official charges against him.  Sweden has already dropped their bogus sexual assault charge against him.

The new Ecuadorian president has been in talks with US and UK officials, including a meeting with Mike Pince, and has stated: “Assange must eventually leave the London embassy.” Australia has made it abundantly clear that they are effectively part of the US empire and will not protect their citizen against an unjust prosecution.

When and if he is arrested, there should be protests all around the world.  This is a very dark era we are about to enter.  We are looking at the legitimate beginnings of a global dictatorship.  Governments on at least four continents are coming together and taking a stand against free speech and truth.  There is no precedent for this.

Are we really going to sit here and let them tell us we don’t have the right to know what they are doing, and that anyone who tells us what they’re doing deserves to go to prison?  It’s time to stop pretending everything is fine.  This is serious.  Pay attention or you’re going to regret it.