A couple weeks ago I had a surreal moment.  It came to me during the festivities of our new national holiday.  You know, the one based on mass-scale trauma-based mind control: 9-11.  A sort of unofficial slogan for the day has come to be “We will never forget.” But most people have ostensibly forgotten the finer details: namely, that the attack was supposedly perpetrated by Al Qaeda.

I went into more detail on this organization in In Defense of Russia: Part 2, The Reagan Years, and Biggest State Sponsor of Terrorism: Iran or Saudi Arabia?

The moment was so surreal because the US in now openly supporting Al Qaeda (though they’ve rebranded themselves as Al Nusra) in their proxy, regime-change misadventure in Syria.  As recently as last year, US counterterrerism officials acknowledged that Idlib  was “Al Qaeda’s largest safe haven since 9-11.”  But in the past few weeks they have changed their tune quite a lot.  In this NYT article from last week, the author said the SAA is poised to attack rebel fighters and their civilian supporters who rose up more than seven years ago demanding regime change,” but they didn’t mention the name Al Qaeda until paragraph 21.  In the ever-changing string of excuses for why the US needs to invade this poor country, the NYT is now promoting the idea of “reducing Iranian influence in the region.” No doubt, this is Israel’s influence at work.  Now neocons and #Resinstance swamp creatures alike a tweeting up a storm about how if Assad harms one hair on those benevolent freedom fighters’ heads, Mr. Trump had better go in guns-blazing.

There is a must-see, short new documentary out, produced by Max Bloomethal and directed by Dan Cohen called The Syria Deception: Al Qaeda goes to Hollywood.  It demonstrates a clear, coordinated effort to white wash Al Qaeda’s image.  The part I found most disturbing was towards the end, where SE Cupp was hosting a panel of ‘experts’ discussing how Al Qaeda is “moderate” and are “winning hearts and minds” across the country.

Meanwhile, the OPCW has concluded their investigation in Douma  and found no evidence of sarin and only trace amounts chlorine (which has many non-military applications), and still no civilian witnesses have come forward to support the claims of an attack, and still no bodies have been found.  Even Defense Secretary Mattis admits that there is no evidence for the claimed 2017 attack.  Despite all this, neocons like Nikki Haley and others have assured the world that if there are additional claims of chemical weapons attacks, that they will certainly be credible and that “we know exactly who is going to use them.”  So…you know… no need for an investigation.

I’m going to directly quote independent journalist and personal inspiration Caitlin Johnstone from her article Psychic Nikki Haley: If There Is A Future Chemical Weapons Attack, Assad Did It, because I don’t think I could say it any better myself.  Ask yourself which of the following two possibilities in more likely.

“Possibility 1: The actual, literal terrorist factions occupying Idlib are on the cusp of defeat with nowhere to escape to. They know for a fact that the US and its allies have launched repeated attacks on the Syrian government following chemical weapons allegations without first waiting for an investigation into those allegations. They also know for a fact that multiple high level officials in the western alliance have stated they will carry out aggressive attacks against the Syrian government in retaliation for any perceived chemical weapons attacks, and, thanks to the public prognostications from Madame Haley’s crystal ball, they also know that the Syrian government has already been assigned blame for any such attack in advance. Knowing all of these things, with their backs against the wall with the absolute certainty that getting the western military alliance on their side is their last and only chance, they get their hands on some chemical weapons and kill some of the civilians they’ve captured.

Possibility 2: On the cusp of victory, the Assad government decides to do the one thing that risks a US-led regime change military intervention in order to accomplish the crucial strategic masterstroke of killing a few kids with chlorine or sarin in front of a bunch of White Helmets cameras.”

If you think it is possibility two, you are simply lying to yourself.  If another chemical attack happens- and I’m increasingly convinced it may- you cannot honestly assume that it is Assad.  That flies in the face of common sense.  Just because both sides of the false dichotomy in the MSM will claim that he did does not make it so.  You must use your own intuition and look at the facts on the ground.

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After the SAA liberated other areas, such as Easter Ghouta and Daraa, they allowed for the various terrorists groups and their propagandists (White Helmets) to be evacuated to Idlib.  But now Idlib is the last terrorist stronghold in Syria.  Unless Turkey opens up their doors, they have nowhere to run.  Assuming the conflict with the Kurds ends diplomatically, Idlib is truly shaping up to be the final showdown of the war.  The terrorists have their backs against the wall, and there is no desperate measure that they wouldn’t snoop to.

Now:  The trump admin’s shenanigans having been laid bare, it’s always fun to see what the #resistance is going to counter with.  They have an all-important midterm less than two months away.  Last week, the senate voted on whether or not to increase the military’s budget to $717 billion.  It was there perfect chance.  They man they claim is a maniac doing the bidding of a hostile foreign power must surely not have the command of the largest military the world has ever seen, right?  Particularly when it has been proven that he recently bombed another sovereign country under false pretenses and is threatening to do so again for no better reason than to protect Al Qaeda.  What a rallying point that would be to mobilize their base before the midterm.  But, of course, that would be in a parallel universe in which America actually has two political parties.  Every single Democratic senator voted for the increase.  Six Republicans and Bernie Sanders voted against it.

That’s right, Bernie sanders: the Democrats’ true enemy, who, you may recall, was smeared by the party as a big spender for proposing a mere $75 billion free-college bill.  The Dems are apparently perfectly willing to flush 10x that amount down the toilet on wars, at least two of which are largely in support of Al Qaeda.

When will my fellow countrymen start caring what’s being done in their name with their money over seas?