I’m hearing a lot about election fraud nowadays, but it’s mostly concerning Donald Trump’s connection to Russia.  This infuriates me, for though there is no concrete evidence and only a modicum of circumstantial evidence for this fraud, I do believe the worst case of election fraud in US history took place during the 2016 election, but everyone is looking in the wrong place.

In this article, I will demonstrate what the real 2016 election scandal is: the rigged Democratic primary.  This is not a conspiracy theory; it was admitted to in court by none other than the DNC itself.  In 2017, a lawsuit was filed by Bernie Sanders supporters against the DNC and its former chairperson, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, and brought court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Bernie supporters, who gave donations to his campaign, claimed they were conned out of their money.  Evidence was brought forward that the primary was unfair.  The DNC lawyers did not try to argue against this.  Instead, they argued that everyone already knew the DNC wasn’t objective, and that if Bernie supporters didn’t already know that, they wouldn’t have donated to him.  (More information in this video.)

The most obvious thing for me to point to first are the discrepancies between exit polls and pre-election and the election results.  Exit poll are done all around the world.  The purpose of them is to double check the accuracy of the official polls.  The margin of error is generally considered around 4%.  Statisticians estimate that there is a 95% chance that exit polls will be accurate if they are within that 4% window, and if a discrepancy is beyond this threshold in foreign elections, the US State Department will usually label the election suspicious and will sometimes investigate it.  In the 2016 Democratic primary, 15 state exit polls were off by more than 4%, 6 were off by more than 10%, and the Arizona primary was off by a mind-boggling 33%.  And almost all these discrepancies were ‘coincidentally’ in favor of Hillary Clinton.

on8CCUvStates use different methods to carryout their elections.  Most use voting machines, but not all the same kind.  Some use updated hack-proof machines.  Some use older hackable machines.  Hackers have tested these machines and found that they can very easily manipulate votes.  Interestingly, Hillary massively over-performed in states with hackable machines.  This is according to a Stanford study from 2016, and it is also explained well in this Counterpunch article..  Hillary also surpassed expectations in states without a paper trail.


This was becoming so scandalous that the exit poll in California was actually canceled at the last minute even though it had already been planned and funded and was ready to go ahead.

Several bazaar things happened in connection with the California primary.  The night before the primary, CNN and other news outlets prematurely called the election for Hillary.  This caused many confused people to stay home.  Unregistered Democrats were given provisional ballets that were never counted.

The Fraudsters in the Hillary campaign/ DNC focused extra hard on populous states.  Another case in point was New York.

Bernie was polling very well in Brooklyn, but, just before the primary, 126 thousand voters in Brooklyn were mysteriously purged from the rolls.  The woman in charge of this ‘mistake’ was fired from her job, but I’m sure she’ll be fine.  She owned an old dilapidated, rat-infested house that was bought by a Hillary campaign operative for 6 million dollars.  Some upstate counties did not open there polling stations until noon.  Many Bernie supporters are working class and don’t have long lunch breaks, so they try to vote on their way to work.  The NY exit polls were off by 15% in favor a Hillary.

Now let’s talk about what happened in Illinois.  That state has a mandatory public recheck of 5% of all votes.  Anyone who wants can go watch.  Multiple witnesses at the audit at the Chicago Board of Elections claimed that Hillary votes were being over counted.  There was some kind of official votes ‘recommendation paper,’ and the votes from the machines were being altered to fit the recommendations.  Watch this for video evidence.  Lee Camp of Redacted to Tonight has been the best media figure I know of for exposing DNC election fraud.

One of the biggest shitshows was obviously in Arizona where the exit polls were off by 33%.  For the 2012 Democratic primary, there were more than 200 polling stations statewide, but, for some reason that number dropped to just 60 in 2016.  Unsurprisingly, in the areas where Bernie was popular, people had to drive long distances and wait for hours to cast their vote.  Generally Bernie scores better in rural areas, and the DNC knew just how to exploit this.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz has also freely admitted in this interview that her job was to get Hillary elected and that the purpose of superdelegates is to prevent progressives from getting the nomination in this video and more.  She seems to be so used to her insider bubble, that she forgets that there are some things you are not supposed to say out loud.

As you should know, Shultz had to resign in shame after leaked emails revealed her bias.  She was replaced by Donna Brazile.  This was an odd choice seeing that the leaked DNC emails also revealed that Brazile, while working for CNN, fed Hillary debate questions prior to her CNN debate.  She must have later had some type of change in conscience, because she would go on to write a book explaining how the primary was fraudulent.  In it, she revealed that the Hillary campaign had control over all major DNC decisions and that her campaign and the DNC essentially acted as a single entity.

Bernie Sanders had the entire corporate media apparatus against him.  He received 23 times less coverage that Trump and 15 times less that Hillary.

Ed Shultz worked at MSNBC during the primary.  He said in an interview that he was not allowed to cover the Bernie campaign.  He went to Burlington to cover Bernie announcing his campaign, and 5 minutes before going live with the announcement, MSNBC president, Phill Griffin, called and told him: “You’re not covering this.” Then he was fired less than 2 months later, so he had to go to RT where he could tell the truth.  A couple weeks after this interview he died.

I don’t intend to let the Republicans off the hook here, but at least their primary exit polls matched the results.  They are guilty of fraud however.  If you look at the recent Florida and Georgia gubernatorial elections you’ll see that they were fraudulent to the core.  African Americans being purged from the rolls is now standard policy for Republican state attorneys general.  But the Democratic establishment on outlets like MSNBC won’t make a big deal about it, because they don’t want to draw the American people’s attention to the fact that election fraud exists, because then they might not get away with rigging their primaries.

For god sake, if you really care about Democracy and free elections.  This is the real threat.  There is definitely a lot of election meddling going on, but it is an inside job.  Look within.  The powers that run America will point to all sorts of external boogiemen to draw your attention off of them.

None of this DNC corruption surprises me at all.  What I am most disappointed by is Bernie’s endorsement of Hillary and his complete refusal to defend himself.  I don’t know if they threatened to kill his family, if they have some really dark secret on him, or if he was controlled opposition all along.  I could kind of see him winning the presidency in 2020.  He would be allowed to make a few positive changes to ward off revolution, but don’t expect him to be some type of progressive savior.

On a much happier note, I just heard that George H. W. Bush died.  God I hope hell exists.  There is a special place for him down there.