For part 1 click here My Libertarian-Socialist Manifesto (Part 1)


Let us take a trip back to the future society of reason where people get what they earn.

There is a National Trade Organization that is responsible for international trade.  It is publicly owned and responsible for acquiring the materials necessary to conduct the national economy at full efficiency.  If a business needs a material (zinc for example) that isn’t found in their country, they issue a request through the NTO.  Once the NTO gets enough requests, they order a shipment of zinc, then that business buys it from the NTO.  Only materials and certain specialty items are traded.  Labor is not a tradable commodity.

In international relations, our society has a de facto neutrality stance that is in place until it is altered by a national vote.

There are no military bases outside the country and the precise amount of military force necessary for national defense is all that exists.

We have free trade (minus outsourcing) with all other countries so there is no need for us to join international trade alliances like NAFTA, the EU, TPP, ASEAN etc… We have no need for a representative in any international body like the UN or IMF.

This is where I may lose some of my fellow libertarian socialists, assuming this state of affairs hasn’t taken over the whole world yet, borders must be enforced.  Because we are not being raped by corporate greed, out nation has the highest living standards in the world, and there is no shortage of immigrants who want in.  No matter what idealists say, world history has proved this to be a destabilizing factor. Citizens of all nations of the world are treated equally.  We still issue asylum, student visas, work visas and more, and there is a pathway to citizenship.  The citizens of any other country that has come over from the dark side may enter and stay visa-free.  The moment the whole world evolves into a state of sanity, borders will cease to exist except for electoral purposes.

There are multiple branches of police.  There are two main ones: military police and civilian police.  As of 2018, this is already common around the world, but for my American readers this is a novel concept.  Obviously, those responding to traffic violations and noise complaints should not be the same people who respond to live shooters.   Police have no quotas, so there is no need for them to harass minorities and teenagers at the end of every month.  They respond only when someone poses a threat to society.  Police officers are subject to the exact same laws as everyone else.  To enforce this, citizens arrests are common and encouraged.

You might ask: Why is this all necessary?  Wouldn’t business managerial issues arise?  Aren’t people too lazy to take an active role in running business, much less the country?  Aren’t some people just fit to be mindless worker bees?  Well, thanks for asking.  There are many salaried state jobs for the entrepreneurially-challenged among us, and of course some managerial issues would arise.  No societal structure is perfect.  But this one is by-far the least bad; The minuscule problems it presents are nothing compared to the hellscape unbridled capitalism has reaped upon the world.

Think about the unspeakable amount of bloodshed caused statism and/or capitalism/ corporatism.  If you are still among the gullible, unthinking masses who believe wars are fought over ‘freedom’ and ‘spreading democracy,’ perhaps this message is not for you, but for everyone else: look into your hearts and see how you’ve been desensitized to the mass murder that you instinctively know is wrong but have been gaslighted into defending.

If there are no corporations then there are no wars.  Corporations are the new monarchs of the world.  We live in a world where psychopaths naturally rise to the top of hierarchies.  We are led by the least among us.  We did well by shaking off the shackles of monarchy but the rulers have regrouped under a different mask, and they are up to their same old tricks again.  Now it’s time to really kick them to the curb.  I may be a dreamer, but I truly believe this is the destiny of humanity.  It may not happen in my lifetime, but it is coming.