bernie kamala

As of today, according to several sources like Yahoo and Huffington Post, Bernie Sanders is officially running for president again.  He is the people’s candidate.  He has a 53% approval rating, (the highest of any member of congress) massive populist appeal, and a strong grassroots base to support him.  To anyone being objective and honest, he is the obvious front runner.

In the other corner, the establishment candidate is shaping up to be Kamala Harris.  She has an astroturf, corporately engineered base and most people don’t know anything about her, but the geniuses at CNN have assured us that she is the front runner based on absolutely no data or anything resembling logic. CNN is even going to give her a free televised town hall meeting, complete with per-approved, soft-ball questions.  She probably already has a list of the questions, and she is currently reading over it and being coached by her advisers on how to reply to them without upsetting her donors while still hitting all the right buzzwords to please the electorate.

That’s a pretty favorable media response when you consider, as I discussed in The Evidence for Election Fraud in the 2016 Democratic Primary, that Ed Schultz was fired from MSNBC for trying to cover Bernie’s campaign launch.

Kamala is Wall street-approved and Israel-approved.  She’s a young brown Hillary that no one’s heard of, but oh you will; the media will thrust her upon us until we’re all sick of looking at her.

She gave an off-the-record speech at AIPAC’s 2018 conference and met privately with Netanyahu.  But, remember, it’s Russia that has undue influence over our democracy, not Israel.  Even when General Michael Flynn met with Russian Ambassador Kislyak, and ambassadors of the other UN Security Council member states, on behalf of Israel to get Russia to not condemn Israel for their flagrant abuse of human rights, he was colluding with Russia, not Israel.  Yes, that makes perfect sense.  Now sit down and shut up.

You would think, after the disaster of 2016, the DNC would have found an empress with a little less baggage to crown as their nominee, but Kamala has more than a couple skeletons in her closet.  And if you mention her sketchy past, I’m told, you are doing the bidding of Putin.  This is the level of discourse the so-called ‘liberals’ are working with in 2019.

Hopefully the Kremlin has one more job opening for propagandist, because I’m about to do the unforgivable: critically discuss Kamala’s past.  I know talking about a candidate’s platform and voting record and not just their personality, race, and gender is pretty old-fashioned- very 2008- but, believe it or not, this is traditionally what people do in representative democracies.

As a district attorney and attorney general, she basically defended police every chance she got.  She is against police wearing body cameras,  and she is a defender of civil asset forfeiture (legalized armed robbery by cop).  She is against the legalization of recreational marijuana.  While she was Attorney General of California, Steve Mnuchin committed mortgage fraud by illegally foreclosing on homes early, and Kamala refused to prosecute him.  Then Mnuchin paid her back with a large donation when she ran for senate.  She is a defender of California’s three-strike law, which automatically sentences criminals who have committed three felonies, even if they’ve already served their time for the first two, to life in prison.  This law has caused major prison over crowding in the state and an influx of non-violent drug offenders into the for-profit private prisons who give money to her.  She tried to criminalize truancy.  Perhaps most unforgivable is this case in which a federal judge found previously convicted murderer Daniel Larson innocent, and Kamala kept him is prison, knowing that he was innocent, for two extra years on a technicality.  She must get some fat bribes from the prison industry.

The fact that she is a ‘woman of color’ will no doubt impress some air-headed college students and lazy, out-of-touch people on the West Coast, but I can’t imagine the more than 30 million people who don’t have health insurance or people who are struggling to put food on the table due to stagnant wages and increasing costs of living being too interested in her genitals and skin tone.  But that won’t be the narrative pushed by the Democratic party.  They already have the term ‘Bernie bro’ embedded in the national consciousness to imply that all Bernie supporters are men, even though this is easily proven untrue, as he is more popular with women than he is with men.  But unlike 2016, if you don’t support the Democrat’s 2020 chosen one, you are not only sexist, you are racist.

She definitely can’t beat Bernie in a fair race, so be prepared for the ‘Bernie’s a Russian agent’ talk to really kick in this year.  (See The Real Target of McCarthyism Will Always Be the Left)  Also, expect wide-scale fraud again.  My hope is that, this time, the gap will be too obviously big, and they won’t be able to get away with it again.

I know it’s early, but I’m getting excited for the freak show that is American presidential elections in the 21st century.  I’ll be covering it in detail in real time.

I could be wrong; Kamala could be outflanked by a Biden or a Cory Booker, but I doubt it.  And maybe the rumors about Bernie running aren’t true, in which case the populist candidate who must be linked to Russia will be Tulsi Gabbard, but I doubt it. The campaigns and narratives are starting to form.  It’s going to be a ride.

If the Kremlin is reading this, you’re welcome.  I take cash, checks, or you can find me on PayPal. Shoot me a PM.