J Street National Conference, Washington DC, USA - 19 Apr 2018

Aside from DNC election fraud, there are no serious obstacles between Bernie Sanders and the White House.  He has a 53% approval rating.  He raised $6 million in his first 24 hours in the race.  All the corrupt neo-liberal candidates’ campaigns are lying dead in the water.  If polls are to be believed, he would beat Trump in the general election in the biggest landslide victory in decades.  If he maintains his health, and the election is fair, he will win.  Period.  We don’t have much to worry about.  So now let’s have a serious conversation about him.

Bernie is the second best candidate in the race. (Tulsi Gabbard is the best.)  But that is an appallingly low bar, and the man is very far from perfect.  To quote the late great Terrence Mckenna: “We are led by the least among us.” That is the natural outcome of the current, systemically corrupt capitalist system.  So, first let’s talk about Bernie’s faults.

To sum up where Bernie has failed us in two words: foreign policy.  It’s as if he made a Faustian bargain to where he’s allowed to make domestic improvements as long as he maintains most of the foreign policy status quo.  Foreign policy is the most important thing to consider when choosing which presidential candidate to support, because the White House has more direct control over foreign policy than it does over domestic policy.  Bernie supports the drone program, which, by the US military’s own estimates, kills 90% civilians.  He is a defender of the apartheid state of Israel.  He is spreading demonstrably false CIA/ deep state propaganda about Venezuela.  As far as I know, he has not voiced support for Trumps proposed pull outs of Syria and Afghanistan.

It’s not all bad though; he is in favor of ending support for the Saudi genocide in Yemen, and he is not in favor of regime change in Venezuela.  He also usually votes against defense spending increases.  In other words, he is the least psychotic psychopath in the Senate.  Again, the bar is monstrously low.

He refuses to acknowledge the fact that the 2016 primary was rigged against him.  This is, in itself, a form of fraud.  He solicited donations and is doing so again now.  It is dishonest of him to take people’s hard-earned money without letting them know that the system is unfair.  Not only did he fail to defend himself against fraud, he actually went on to endorse Hillary Clinton and campaign for her.  This was an unforgivable slap in the face for many of his supporters.

He has also been helping perpetuate the new Red Scare known as ‘Russiagate.’ This is extremely dangerous as it could have disastrous consequences for free speech and world peace.

I wouldn’t blame anyone for not supporting him for these reasons.  If you don’t support him because you’re scared he’s going to turn America into Venezuela, then you’re a moron.  But the reasons I’ve stated are all legitimate.

Now I’m going to try to make the case that we should support him.  I don’t have faith in any politicians; I have faith in ideas.  I’m looking at the long-term arch of American history.  Barring some type of catastrophe, we will not achieve revolutionary change in one election cycle.  But we must take the first step, and Bernie is that first step.

Americas are one of the most propagandized populations on Earth.  There are still many brainwashed Fox News viewers who honestly believe that there in no way the richest country in the world can afford what the rest of the world takes for granted.  We will drag these people kicking-and-screaming into the 20th century.  Their corporate-manufactured worldview can not stand up to reality for long.  Eventually, they are going to see that it’s pretty nice to not have the for-profit insurance companies rob them blind.  Only then, can we think about advancing into the 21st century.

Bernie would forever change the conversation in American politics.  People will see that the market and corporations do not always know best.  Then they will start to question other things they’ve been told: like about war for example.  But we have to get the ball rolling.  So many Americans do not know how to think about this objectively and logically.  They have been gaslit into submission.  People have completely forgotten that the government is not meant to be an entity separate from us that lords over us; it is meant to be a system of allocating the people’s money and resources for the betterment of the people.  We will never have what we should have, direct democracy, until people are reminded of this fundamental truth.  The Powers That Be fear the people and what they could accomplish if they ever started thinking for themselves.

It’s not about Bernie; it’s about the words that tend to come out of his mouth and how they will impact people’s thought processes over time.

I’ll be supporting Tulsi until if and when it becomes apparent that she can’t win, which is likely, then I’ll support Bernie.

I will under no circumstances vote for a corrupt corporate whore like Kamala, Booker, Biden or any of the rest of them, and all other free-thinking people should publicly make the same pledge.  We will not be corralled or placated.  Voting for those candidates is not left verse right.  There a two right-wing parties in America.  Don’t let anyone trick you into thinking that it’s the ‘liberal’ thing to do to vote for a right-wing scumbag like Corey Booker; Corey Booker is much more similar to Trump than he is to Bernie.

If you think Bernie is a sellout, you’re probably right.  But we’re not looking for a spouse; we’re choosing which direction our country will go in.  I know I’m making a lesser evil argument similar to the one made by Hillary apologists in 2016, but I think it actually makes sense in this case.  Hillary is basically just a more polite, less racist Trump.  The difference between Bernie and Trump is large enough that you should be able to will yourself to the polling station that day.