Israel can no longer count on American’s support in the Israel-Palestine conflict.  As of 2019, only 59% of Americans support Israel: the lowest in more than a decade.  Young people and liberals have never been consistently supportive on Israel, but what is particularly troubling for Zionists is that support among Republicans dropped by 13% in just one year.  Overall support has dropped 5% since last year.

This is natural in the information age.  Israel can’t just rely on CNN to hide images of the IDF murdering journalists and medics.  CNN is as subservient as ever, (Just ask Marcus Lamont Hill) but only people sitting in airport terminals, doctor’s waiting rooms, or over the age of 60 watch it.  They haven’t yet found out how to scrub the internet clean of such images.  In short: the Zionists are in crisis.

One of their main tactics at combating this has been the absurd conflation with criticism of Israel with antisemitism.  This tactic has been largely unsuccessful.  When both sides of the American false dichotomy attacked Ilhan Omar for acknowledging the indisputable fact that members of congress take money from AIPAC, it had no significant effect on her popularity among regular people, because people can see that that is an illogical talking point.  Omar also called for the a boycott of Saudi Arabia, but, strangely, no one called her Islamophobic.  By this same anti-logic, Trump’s criticism of the Venezuelan government is an example of bigotry against Christians.

They pursued the same tactic in the UK against Jeremy Corbyn, and it has been somewhat successful in influencing public opinion, but British people tend to be a bit more trusting of their media than Americans.  Luckily, the talking point is not having much effect in America.  At least there is one thing I can be proud of my country for.

If this trend continues it will be a massive victory for humanity.  The grotesque Zionist regime is not likely to last long without the support of America.  The US consistently blocks the EU from making any substantive rulings against Israel.  No one whose paying attention can seriously say that Nicki Haley represented the US and not Israel.  However, it seems as though Zionist influence over the US has reached its peak.  Baring another major clash between the Western and Muslim worlds, I think we will see it slowly slip away.

But, unfortunately, they have the current guy in the white house by the balls.  I can think of no former president who was more subservient to Israel than Trump.  The largest single downer to any US presidential campaign in history was Israel Firster Sheldon Adalson who gave Trump more than one-hundred million dollars in 2015 and 16.  I think it’s fair to say that Adelson single-handedly bought the US embassy move to Jerusalem, which is a serious blow to any possible two-state solution.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince MBS enjoys a relationship with Israel that is unparalleled in the history of Saudi-Israeli relations.  Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner has longstanding family ties to Benjamin Netanyahu.  MBS reportedly brags that he has “Kushner in his pocket.” Kushner has access to Trump’s daily intelligence briefings, which, no doubt, sometimes contains information on the inner working of the vast Saudi Royal Family that even MBS isn’t privy to.  In October of 2017, Jared Kushner made an unannounced trip to Riyadh.  There, he and MBS are reported to have stayed up until after 4 AM discussing something.  Four days later, MBS had many of his cousins and other top Saudi officials arrested as part of an ‘anti-corruption’ campaign that is widely understood to be a power grab.

President Obama gave Israel a 38 billion dollar gift but was still smeared by Zionists like Ben Shapiro as an antisemite simply because he recommended that his UN ambassador abstain from voting on a largely toothless resolution that condemned the IDF for slaughtering hundreds of Palestinians in 2014.  One must wonder to what extent an American president must bend over for Israel for these Israel Firsters to not call them antisemitic.

It could be that the 13% drop in support for Israel among Republicans is linked to a rise in actual antisemitism, but the Zionists have cried wolf so loudly for so long, it’s hard to tune them out and come to an accurate picture of how prevalent real antisemitism is.  But as the Charlottesville protest demonstrated for all, it does certainly exist.

It’s absurd that I even have to make this point, but in case a nonthinking consumer of mainstream media finds their way to this article, I must state loudly and clearly that ‘ANTI-ZIONISM IS NOT ANTISEMITISM.’ Zionism is a political movement based on Jewish supremacy and Ethnostatism.  Not all Zionists are Jews, and not all Jews are Zionists.  I encourage you to watch this powerful video.  Some of the most devout Jews in the world are anti-Zionist and support Ilhan Omar.  AIPAC does not represent all Jews.