Joseph Goebbels would stand in awe of the suffocation of the American propaganda system.  Rank and file Democrats have been screaming for years that Donald Trump is the most evil and corrupt president in history, but now they are cheering on what is arguably his most destructive, authoritarian policy yet.


The arrest of Julian Assange is a watershed moment in Western civilization.  Never in living memory has a publisher been prosecuted by a supposedly free and democratic country.  Assange didn’t hack anything; he didn’t steal anything; he just published the truth.  He broke no law.  He’s not even a US citizen.  Think about the precedent this sets.  The US government can now arrest anyone in the world for telling the truth about it.  Let that sink in.

The recent rearrest of Chelsea Manning proves that the current case is focused on the 2010 Iraq war leaks, not the 2016 election leaks.  But Democrats are still willing to end press freedom and any semblance of international law just because they hold a personal vendetta against Assange for telling the truth about their beloved queen Hillary.

Some people may think that I and others made too big of a deal about how harmful Russiagate is.  Now look at what the Russiagaters have become.  They are now more authoritarian than diehard Republican voters.  After looking at comments on right wing YouTube and Facebook pages, around half of Republicans seem to appose the Assange prosecution.  The #Resistance crowd, on the other hand, is cheering it along.  To be clear, we are talking about a nearly decade-old neocon agenda enacted by a Republican administration.  And Democrats are more supportive of it than Republicans.  Russiagate has truly been one of the most effective psyops I have ever seen.

Rechel Maddow masterfully misled her audience  about the reason for Assange’s prosecution.  She slipped in the news of Chelsea Manning’s arrest right into the middle of one of her nightly Russiagate rants, even though there is no link between Chelsea Manning and Russiagate.  Her job was to plant the seed into the minds of her viewers that the Assange prosecution is linked to Putin and Trump.

Delusional MSNBC viewers are still saying that Assange is going to rat out Trump and blow the Russiagate case wide open, even though it is widely known that the prosecution originated from the Trump Administration, not the Mueller investigation which is finished.  This fact has even been stated in mainstream publications like The New York Times and The Washington Post, but I guess MSNBC viewers aren’t big readers.

It is terrifying to think that the MSM can flip self-titled ‘liberals’ into rabid neocons that easily.  The mind is very vulnerable to suggestion.  This even makes me question my own beliefs.  Everyone should constantly ask themselves why they believe what they believe.

Most diehard Russiagaters are too far gone to be saved anytime soon.  But if anyone reading this is on the fence about Assange, here’s the main point I want to make: Your personal opinion about whether or not Assange is a good guy is completely irrelevant.  If you think he might have raped someone or been pro-Trump, those are separate issues.  He’s not on trial for rape; he’s on trial for telling the truth about the ugly side of the US empire.  Ask yourself what precedent this sets.  Maybe at some point you or someone you love might express an opinion or reveal a secret about the US government.  If you support this prosecution then you are saying that you and everyone you know in the world are entirely disposable; you have no rights.

Do you see what you did, Russiagaters?  Shame on all of you!