Under the current DNC rules, a candidate must get more that 50% of the vote to win a state outright without superdelegates getting involved.  Given the number of candidates this election, it’ll be almost impossible for anyone to get an absolute majority, which means the Democratic nominee will likely be chosen by superdelegates again.  I could see it being the case that all the neoliberal, establishment candidates will endorse a single candidate before the convention; this could be Kamala, Beto, or Creepy Joe Biden.  The remaining candidates would then drop out, leaving only two viable candidates: Bernie and whoever the chosen neoliberal is.  So even though Bernie may get around 40% of total votes, the superdelegates could combine all their non-Bernie votes to ram the establishment toadie through.


So the DNC reforms of last year were more of a PR stunt where the 2020 election is concerned.  The establishment Dems probably already knew they would flood the race with donor-friendly candidates, preventing anyone from getting an absolute majority.

In the meantime, the MSM will attack Bernie with a volley of smears to try to curb his support.  I said before that they will try to link him to Russia, and this still may be the case to an extent, but the Russia narrative appears to finally be losing steam.  Now they are trying to smear him for being rich, (He’s the poorest member of the Senate.) and demanding that he release his tax returns; the goal of this narrative is to get people to draw a subconscious connection between Bernie and Trump: if they both won’t release their tax returns, they’re basically exactly the same, right?  Most of the other Democratic candidates have also not yet released their tax returns, but no one in the MSM seems to care about that.  The double standard is a major trend that is starting to develop.  They’ve also attacked Bernie for not being in favor of reparations for African Americans; this is to plant seeds that he’s racist. (When Hillary was a Goldwater girl, Bernie was marching with MLK.)  The number of Bernie’s primary opponents in favor of reparations is precisely zero.

No logical argument can be made for the existence of superdelegates.  Debby Wasserman Schultz said, “Superdelegates exist so party leaders don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists.” (ie. candidates who represent the people) She then decided that that sounded a bit shady so she claimed that superdelegates are necessary so the two groups- party insiders and grassroots activists- don’t have to compete against each other, and she threw in the buzzword ‘diversity’ and called it an argument.  If any Democrat can hear that and walk away thinking that there is any need for superdelegates, they are a lost cause.  This, to date, is the strongest defense of superdelegates the Democratic Party has been able to mount.  They don’t talk about it much in the mainsteam media, and most casual voters- even Democrats- probably don’t even know what a superdelegate is.

The Republican Party doesn’t have  superdelegates.  This is mostly because they don’t need them as much.  The Republican platform is an illogical, contradictory corporate construct.  I mean, how can you say that socialism and safety nets are bad and still support bailouts and corporate subsidies with a straight face?  This dynamic allows for very little deviation.  If something cannot be rationally defended without contradiction or logical fallacy, it can also not be rationally discredited.

To demonstrate this theory, look at independent new media in right-wing America: big names like Steven Crowded and Ben Shapiro; These people would fit in at Fox News perfectly without changing their arguments at all.  Now look at their lefty equivalents: people like Kyle Kulinski and Jimmy Dore; now think about how radically different their ideologies are from MSNBC or The New York Times.  There are a couple reasons for this.  First of all, there is a disconnect from what Democrats say they are (a party that cares about working people) and what they actually are (Republicans who don’t hate gay people).  And also, both parties are right-wing and we have no left-wing party in America.  Therefore, there will naturally be some left-wing pundits and aspiring politicians.  On the American right, there is no ideological wiggle room.  You’re either a rank-and-file, party-lines Republican or you’re a right-leaning libertarian or anarchist (which is also illogical)  or an white nationalist (who mostly support Trump who -in terms of policy thought not temperament- is a standard Republican).

The Democratic Party needs superdelegates for it to continue to operate, since I believe the Democrats are an unfixable party that should go the way of the Whigs, I see it as my duty to expose superdelegates for the inherently undemocratic entities that they are, which I will continue to do as the election spectacle unfolds.  If there are any lefties out there who think we’re safe just because Bernie will almost certainly get more votes that any other primary candidate, it’s time to rethink that position and speak out against superdelegates.