Last week, President Trump vetoed a bipartisan house resolution to end support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s destruction of Yemen.  You may have missed it, because the mainstream media is still busy going over the finer points of the Mueller Report.


According to Save the Children’s 2018 study, 85 thousand children have starved to death in this conflict so far.  There is a Cholera outbreak.  The Saudis have been intentionally bombing schools, school buses, hospitals, water treatment facilities,  markets, mosques and other patently civilian targets to cause as much death and human suffering as possible.  They have also blockaded the country, not allowing any food or medicine to enter.  But go on, tell me about how Iran and Venezuela are the rogue states that are a danger to the world.  If you still believe that, you sicken me.

Between a month and four months after Trump was elected, Saudi lobbyists made more than 500 reservations at Trumps DC hotel.  He later chose Riyadh as the destination of his first official state visit where he was lavished with gifts including tiger fur robes, Chiffon dresses, and a portrait of himself.  Crown Prince MBS has boasted  that Jared Kushner is “in his pocket.” This was after Kushner, who has access to Trump’s intelligence briefings, made an unplanned trip to Riyadh, and he and MBS stayed up until the wee hours of the morning discussing business.  A few days later, MBS arrested many members of his extended family and the Saudi ruling class and killed at least one.

Let’s do a thought experiment for a bit.  Imagine this story is exactly the same except Saudi Arabia is Russia, MBS is Putin, and Yemen is Ukraine.  Can you begin to imagine the accusations of Treason and calls for impeachment?  We would hear about nothing else for months, and rightly so.

This is especially odd since Saudi Arabia is objectively a much worse human rights abuser than Russia.  Also last week, the kingdom publicly beheaded 37 people; most of them were nonviolent protesters.  Not Russia, but Saudi Arabia: America’s best friend.  A few years ago there was widespread outrage in America because Russia, where homosexuality is legal, passed a law saying that homosexuality couldn’t be depicted in the media; meanwhile, Saudi Arabia routinely executes homosexuals, but no one in America seems to care.  The hypocrisy is so absurd, I feel like I’m the last sane person on Earth.

If the Democrats would make this a talking point, it would very likely secure their election victory in 2020.  If Americans were better-educated on the actions of Saudi Arabia and their coziness to Trump, most of them would be outrage.  People are still talking about impeachment over Russiagate; how about impeachment over this?  The aforementioned hotel payments are an emoluments violation, and the constitution says the power to authorize war is solely in the hands of congress.  If pressed for a statement, Trump and the Pentagon would no doubt site the ‘War on Terror’ authorization of military force as their mandate.  This is ruthlessly absurd, because the War on Terror was initially launched to combat Al Qaeda, but Saudi Arabia and the US are on the same side as Al Qaeda in the Yemeni war.

This is an impeachable offense.  Trump colluded with a foreign power and is assisting them and Al Qaeda in a genocide.  But none of that matters in the backwards world of American media and politics, because he colluded with the right country, and Obama and Hillary are guilty of similar infractions.

America needs a revolution now.  How much more of this are we going to take?