For people who don’t closely follow politics, it seems to be the common wisdom that the two major parties are on the left and the right and that independents are in the center.  If you believed this, it would be a reasonable conclusion for you to make that a presidential candidate ought to run as a centrist to pick up moderate, independent votes.  But you’d be wrong.

All available data clearly shows that the average America is to the left of the Democratic Party.  People don’t like to label themselves, and words like ‘liberal’ and ‘left’ may carry stigmas.  But when people are polled, they consistently prove that 2019 America is fundamentally progressive.  Here is a list of progressive policies and their popularity.


All of these are supported by a majority of the American people, yet only two- ‘Same Sex Marriage Freedom’ and ‘Keep Roe vs. Wade’-  are supported by the Democratic establishment, because only those two don’t step on the toes of donors.  It also needs to be said that those two are already laws so they aren’t exactly bold policy positions, and even on those, they’re not going to fight hard: this week Georgia passed unconstitutional anti-abortion laws, but the Democrats and the #Resistance were still busy talking about Mueller or how stupid and rude Trump is or something.

70% Of the American people are in favor of Medicare for All.  That’s a winning issue if I’ve ever seen one.  Yet Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Obama, Hillary and most of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are against it.  How much longer is the MSM going to be able to fool the people into thinking this is a left-wing party?  I’m guessing not much longer.

Take a look at an estimation of where the four 2016 general election presidential candidates fell on the political compass test.


All acceptable candidates from the two major parties are always in the top right (authoritarian right) quadrant.  The majority of people I know, at least 75%, who have taken the political compass test fall somewhere in the bottom left (libertarian left) quadrant, because that is the logical, humane position based on modern values.  All 2020 candidates besides Bernie, Tulsi, and possibly Warren and Yang are authoritarian right.  Imagine a point between any one of them and Trump: that’s not the center, it’s still the authoritarian right.

Most people are not politically active.  Most of them don’t passionately engage in political debates, and only about half the country votes.  This could be out of apathy or laziness to learn the issues, but could just as easily be the result of them never seeing a candidate that represents their values and inspires them.  They’ve given up for whatever reason; they’re disillusioned, but that doesn’t mean they are unreachable.  Everyone, no matter how apathetic, can be reached if you show them how you are going to improve their lives.

In 2016 Bernie filled up stadiums, while Hillary couldn’t fill up high school gymnasiums during the primary.  “Bernie is too radical to win in the general” they told us.  So they rigged the primary and forced us to choose between a moderate right-wing authoritarian and an extreme right-wing authoritarian, and half the country stayed home.  Meanwhile, Bernie was polling at more that 10 percentage points higher than Trump on election day.


You would think people may have learned the lesson.  But never underestimate the ignorance of the America people and the power of American propaganda.  Again, they’re saying “Bernie is too far to the left,” even though a majority of Americans support almost every one of his policies, with the only exceptions being the death penalty and prisoners voting.

Of course the establishment knows that Bernie is not too far left to win.  They are just trying to fool everyone because they would rather lose to Trump than Bernie.  So they will use every sneaky trick in the book to undermine Bernie, while supporting Trump’s worst policies like the coup in Venezuela.

But I don’t know how regular people are falling for it again.  A quick perusal of the #Resistance groups gives me deja vu.  It can be quite disconcerting.  But I also know that, somewhat paradoxically, the most politically active tend to be more susceptible to this type of propaganda than regular working people struggling to pay the bills, and it’s this latter group who are the majority.