To quote the late Phil Ochs: “In every American community you have varying shades of political opinion. One of the shadiest of these is the liberals, an outspoken group on many subjects, ten degrees to the left of center in the best of times, ten degrees to the right of center when it affects them personally.”

And to quote Martin Luther King Junior:


I tend to agree with these icons of American political thought.  Liberals are worse than conservatives.  At least conservatives wear their selfishness on their sleeves; liberals pretend to care about the less fortunate, but they don’t really.

Liberals are very upset about racism.  ‘All humans are created equal,’ they claim to believe.  Whenever some white Americans die in a mass shooting, they can’t wait to tell you heart-broken they are.  Even when a terrorist attack happens in France or the UK, they can manage to feign sympathy: after all, they kind of look like us.  But if the US or Saudi Arabia bombs a wedding in Yemen: “Ah, who cares about those darkies?  Doesn’t affect us here in Portland.  My wife’s Aunt’s neighbor is Mexican or Puerto Rican or something.  I waved to her both times a saw her.  Haven’t I done enough?”

Liberals know that it’s foolish to care about too many Hispanics crossing the border.  The demonization of that ‘other’ doesn’t work on them; they know Russians are the real other to be feared.

They are disturbed by the warmongering of right-wing neocons.  They scoff at the idea of going to war with Iran or Venezuela, because we need our full military well-funded and mobilized to fight Syria and Russia.

Civility is very important to them.  They say “we shouldn’t focus too much on policy, because the most important thing in the country is defeating Trump.  He’s racist and he uses crude language.  John McCain would have been polite and presidential while he was bombing brown people.”

They think very little of the average American, who they think are too dumb to care about policy.  Could it be projection?  They think a good leader must have a charismatic personality (it helps if they’re a celebrity) because how else would they keep the attention of the plebes, who they falsely think are all centrists.

They love to tell you how left-wing they are, even though, economically speaking, they are to the right of most right-wing parties in Europe.

They will assure you there is an incremental solution to every catastrophic problem.  “What’s that, 45 thousand Americans die every year because they don’t have access to basic healthcare?  Well we can’t just give them healthcare like every other country does.  It would be good politics to start with a slight Medicaid expansion.”

They are mostly college grads and middle to upper class.  They know little about the plight of the struggling poor, and they can’t be bothered to care about what doesn’t affect them.

They love to brag about how they are allies of the LGBTQ community, but they couldn’t care less about the brutal discrimination against this group in the Middle East and Africa.  Their care stops at America’s borders.

They see nothing wrong with buying products made in foreign sweat shops.  That’s another problem for the darkies to worry about.

They are obsessed with culture war.  It is much more important to spread Facebook memes that prove conservatives are selfish racists than to enact any policy that ameliorates the suffering of any disenfranchised minority, who they like to call ‘people of color,’ as if Asians, Native Americans, Latinos and African Americans are all basically the same thing.

These virtue-signalling liberals are at least as bad as open bigots and reactionaries.  As MLK said, they value ‘order’ above all else.  Nothing ever progressed by maintaining order.  So liberals are anti-progressive.  Maybe it’s time for the real left to stop being so nice to them.