I must say, I got quite a kick out of watching Tulsi Gabbard’s debate performance this week.  She said some things that American politicians and media pundits are not allowed to say out loud.  Namely, that Trump supports al-Qaeda: a fact that is hard to swallow for most people (even Trump haters) no matter how much evidence you put in front of them.  By the US State Department’s own admission, Idlib is an al-Qaeda stronghold (although CNN and the BBC prefer to use the term rebels), and Trump has made it clear that he won’t tolerate any attempt by the Syrian government to retake their own province of Idlib.  Almost all of al-Qaeda’s weapons come from the US via Saudi Arabia.  And this is not even getting into the US-Saudi-al-Qaeda alliance in Yemen.

tulsi kamala

She also gave an honest report of Kamala Harris’s unforgivable record as a prosecutor (as did I in a previous article).  It wasn’t pretty.  Here’s a taste.

Tulsi:  “She blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her allow it.”

Kamala (trying to keep a straight face while seething with rage):  “I’m proud of my record.”

This puts the establishment in a bit of a pickle.  They can’t respond to Tulsi substantively because everything she said was 100% true, so they did the only thing they can: they smeared her.  They claimed she is an “Assad supporter/ apologist.” This is also a difficult tactic for the propagandists to use, because it’s a lie.  Tulsi has never said anything nice about Bashar al-Assad and has repeatedly called him a “brutal dictator.” If you think Tusli is an Assad apologist, try to find one single quote of her defending him; good luck, you’re going to need it.  But this lie has become doctrine by virtue of being repeated over and over hundreds of times by all the main propaganda firms, and most Americans probably believe it.  The media is banking on the fact that TV watchers are, by definition, too lazy trusting to do research and fact check them.  Unfortunately, they’re right.

Kamala Harris did not respond at all to Tulsi’s factual statements.  Instead, her campaign kicked off the Assad apologist claim to try to discredit Tulsi.  For a few hours, #AssadApologist was even trending on Twitter.

The media is mostly hoping that the Trump supporting al-Qaeda comment went unnoticed, but I’ve seen a couple propaganda pieces floating around these past couple days just in case people get the crazy idea that they can do their own research.

The Russian state-owned media outlet RT tweeted many times about many candidates during and after the debate, but blue-checkmarked journalists pounced on a single tweet about Tulsi bringing up Kamala’s prosecutorial record and used it as evidence that she’s a puppet of Vladimir Putin.  Because what else can you do when your job is to defend the indefensible and you don’t have an honest argument to make?

Tulsi is also suing Google because they temporarily suspended her advertising account at a time when her name was the most searched for name in America.  Google has a history of manipulating their search engine is support of establishment Democratic candidates.

But Tulsi isn’t the only target.  The anti-Bernie bias that CNN exhibited during the debates is worth noting.  Before and after commercial brakes they would sometimes show shots of the crowds of supporters in the parking lot.  According to multiple reports, Bernie Sanders supporters were not allowed in the area; they were stopped by the cops and told to “Take it up with CNN.”  Supporters of all other candidates were allowed.  Bernie supporters were the most numerous, as confirmed by other photos and film, but you wouldn’t know he had any support from watching CNN. The network also blatantly lied multiple times by saying that Senator Warren had surpassed Bernie in the polls.  I won’t even bother getting into all of the absurd right-wing framing of debate questions, such as comparing Bernie to Trump because they have some agreements on foreign policy, and falsely claiming that Medicare-for-All would leave people without insurance.

Interestingly, Elizabeth Warren is suddenly are darling of the MSM.  I used to think she had principals, but her acceptance into the folds of American plutocracy proves she doesn’t.  The media can be used as a pretty good barometer: you can assume that the person they hate the most is the least corrupt.