American conservatives claim to be all about self-reliance. “No one should get a hand-out in life,” they say.  But then there is the issue of Israel, who happily snatches up every America tax-payer dollar they can get their hands on.  Those same conservatives don’t quite know what they’re supposed to think about this.  Fox News hasn’t hammered home the talking points.  Opinions are divided.

The most key demographic for the Republican Party is the Christians.  They must appease this voting block or their party will crumble.  Everyone knows that Trump and McConnel don’t have a religious bone in their bodies, but, for whatever reason, we’ve made a decision as a country to pretend like they do.  This is incredibly lucky for the Republicans, who are all bought by Zionists.  Israel is a developed country with universal healthcare.  Next time a Republican goes on a deranged ego trip about how universal healthcare is communist and anti-American, bring up the fact that they are, at least in part, paying for the healthcare of Israelis.  Israel also has much less debt than the US does.  America gives more than three billion dollars to Israel every year.  As if that wasn’t enough, Obama signed off an extra bonus of thirty-eight billion.  Mega-church pastors and televangelists trick their useful idiots into thinking this is all necessary to bring forth the second coming of Christ or something equally stupid.

But not all Republicans are so spiritually motivated.  Fox News can’t just mention the Jesus thing ad nauseam and call it a day.  This would alienate their neo-Nazi viewership.  The Republican base is not as cultish on this issue as they are on nearly every other issue.  There are even some who are able to demonstrate intellectual integrity and go against their team to take a principled stance against this needless giveaway.  The party leadership is Washington, however, is completely subservient to the Zionist state.

So Republican propagandists end up walking a tight rope.  They make sure their viewers understand that Israel is ‘an ally,’ but they also tie that alliance in with US security interests, claiming Israel is our fist line of defense against ‘radical Islam.’ To maintain this narrative, they must of course never make the fundamental distinction between Sunni and Shia.  They must keep the conversation dumbed down to an elementary-level discourse, otherwise their viewers might realize that America is allied with the most radical elements of Islam and is fighting against all the anti-extremist moderates.

Speaking of radical Islamist allies of America, President Trump has announced he is sending troops to Saudi Arabia to help protect their oil fields.  That’s right, soldiers, you thought were signing up to go fight terrorists, now it’s your job to be the hired thugs and security guards of the main funders and ideological promulgators of al Qaeda and ISIS.  The kingdom claims it needs protection from Iran, who has spent the better part of the last decade fighting against al Qaeda and ISIS.  As always, Israel approves of all aggressive maneuvers against Iran.  It is getting harder and harder for Israel and Saudi Arabia to pretend they’re not allies.  Opinion of the Zionist occupiers of Palestine is quite low among regular Saudi citizens, so the monarchy has to walk their own tight rope, and at least give the impression that they oppose Zionism in principal but can’t do anything about it, and that it’s just a weird coincidence that the Saudis and the Zionists perfectly align on almost all foreign policy initiatives.

Saudi infrastructure was bombed this past week.  The Houthis took responsibility for the attacks, but ignore that; Pompeo and Trump assure us is was definitely Iran’s doing.  They haven’t found any evidence yet, but, trust them, they’re sure.

In a post-Iraq world, the burden of proof for any claims used to justify war should be much higher than it needed to be in the past.  Any assertion should be put through a gauntlet of rigorous analysis.  But alas, America has no free press, so don’t expect any analysis to be done.  Google even updated their algorithm this week to weed out unauthorized opinions.  All alternative news websites (including this one) have seen major decreases in traffic.  The government thought they had the third estate in total submission, but then the internet came along and keyboard and webcam warriors from all over the world have found themselves able to get their views out to the wide world.  It’s an endless drama to watch how the powers that be try to get this rabble under control.

What happened this week was beautiful.  The propagandists failed miserably to manufacture consent.  A couple days ago, Pompeo announced that the US is seeking a “peaceful resolution” with Iran over the Saudi attack.  Some people might think this is Trump being a reasonable statesman, but it’s not.  Make no mistake, if they were able to get the people’s approval for a US bombing of Iran up above 50%, the bombs would be falling as I type.

There really is a bi-partisan distaste for war where Iran is concerned, but I mostly put the credit for this victory on the supporters of the winning team: the Republicans.  There is more of a principled anti-war movement on the right than the left.  Democrats will mostly oppose any large initiative put forward by the orange man, but Republicans apparently have the integrity to resist their own leader.  Who knew?  Good for them.  If President Elizabeth Warren was trying to push us into an unnecessary war, I wouldn’t have much faith in the Democrats to resist.  Now if only more Republicans would push back against their party’s dogma of financial support for Israel.