Probably the most glaring plot hole in the current western media narrative is the ideology of Wahhabism and the role it plays in Middle Eastern geopolitics.  If everyone could understand what Wahhabism is and where it comes from, western propaganda would crumble; people would laugh at their absurd claims that Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism.  The mask would come off.

Islam had historically been considerably more moderate than Christianity.  Moorish Spain was much more progressive than post-reconquista Spain.  There weren’t hundreds of witches being burned to death is Muslim Spain; Jews were allowed to exist.  Christian Zionists, as well as atheist Zionists like Sam Harris,  claim that jihadism is an inherent aspect of Islam.  In fact, the types of Islamist terror groups that we know today did not exist until the 18th century.  They spring from a fundamentalist movement started in what is now Saudi Arabia where people were xenophobic against foreigners traveling through their lands on pilgrimage to Mecca and started to question the sincerity of their devotion to Islam.  It was started by  Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab.  The modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was created by an oil deal between the US and the House of Saud in the early 20th century.  Wahhabi militias initially played the role of their national defense.  (Now Saudi Arabia uses mostly Pakistani mercenaries for defense and covertly funds Wahhabi groups to achieve their foreign policy objectives.)  Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism are inseparable entities; one cannot exist without the other.

Not only does the kingdom fund armed Wahhabi groups, they also fund mosques and madrasas around the world.  Needles to say, these are not moderate mosques aimed at integrating people into pluralist societies; they are breeding grounds for ISIS and al Qaeda recruitment.  Every single real international terrorist group you can name is Wahhabi, and most of them learned their ideology in Saudi-funded mosques.  Their ideology says that they are the only true and pure servants of god, and everyone else in the world must either submit or die. This doctrine is actually the official state religion in Saudi Arabia.  Try to catch them mentioning that on American TV.

The way I see it, some of the most useful idiots in this drama are Christian Zionists.  They are taught to hate all enemies of Israel.  The problem with that is that the heart of Christianity is in Palestine and Syria; these communities are the earliest converts and are culturally, ethnically and linguistically the closest relatives of Jesus Christ.  By some triumph of Israeli propaganda, Christians have been tricked into turning their backs on these people.  Christian Palestinians are persecuted just as much as Muslim Palestinians.  Western Christians are taught to hate Hezbollah; this is incredibly self-defeating since Hezbollah has dome more than pretty much any other group in the region to protect Christianity.  In their mission statement upon their founding in 1985, they listed one of their main objectives  as “bringing..(people) to justice for their crimes against Muslims and Christians.” Aramaic-speaking Christians fought alongside Hezbollah against Jihadists in Syria.  Christians are also trained to hate Iran.  They like to point to supposed persecution of Jews in Iran, but have they ever wondered why Jews exist in Iran and nowhere else in the Muslim Middle East?  Could it possibly be because they were ethnically cleansed from Arab countries centuries ago?  The presence of Jews in Iran proves that they are one of the most progressive Islamic Middle Eastern countries in terms of their treatment of religious minority groups.  Christians in The Islamic Republic of Iran have always been able to practice their religion openly, while Christians in Saudi Arabia were jailed until literally last year.  But good Christians don’t talk about that.  The US military is deploying troops to defend the kingdom as we speak.

All of us in America are told to hate Assad.  Somewhat paradoxically, we’re also supposed to hate his enemies: ISIS.  Has anyone ever wondered why Assad is enemy number one for Wahhabi terror cults?  The answer is that, though Syria is a Sunni majority state, he protects the rights of minority religious groups like Shiites, Alawites, Druze and Christians.  You would think at least one Christian pastor would speak out in defense of him, but you would be wrong.  Almost all Christians in Syria support Assad.  I wonder what the average American Christian would say if they knew this.

What should enrage all Christians is the fact that US-backed “moderate rebels” have been caught massacring Christians.  The “moderate rebels” lie is thoroughly debunked, and anyone who still believes it has failed at life.  The rebels in Syria are all jihadi Wahhabists.  Turkey and Qatar (also a Wahhabi kingdom) funded al-Qaeda and the FSA in the initial rebellions in 2011.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia quickly got into the Wahhabi bloodbath with their support of Jaysh al-Islam.  The Syrian affiliate of al-Qaeda in Syria changed their name to the Nusra Front for PR reasons.  This worked out well for the Pentagon, because then they could more easily aid al-Qaeda without upsetting the American people, who have been made docile and ignorant by the Media.  British intelligence officers founded The White Helmets who have been proven to be an arm of the Nusra Front.  The US has funneled millions of dollars to the White Helmets.  All al-Qaeda and the intelligence agencies had to do was form a phony aid organization that would embed itself in the newly-named Nusra Front.  And if the US media never connects the dots between the White Helmets, al-Nusra and al-Qaeda, they have enough degrees of separation for the US and other western governments to effectively aid al-Qaeda right under our noses, even as they massacre villages full of Christian.

The conflict in Syria has at times been falsely labeled a “Sunni-Shia” war, but that’s not true.  It’s Wahhabists verse everyone else.  Wahhabists are Sunni extremists, and most soldiers in the Syrian Arab Army are also Sunnis.  It’s fundamentalism verse secularism.  So, if you don’t understand Wahhabism, you don’t understand what’s going on in the Middle East at all.  And, if you’re critical of radical Islam but are not condemning Saudi Arabia, you are a useful idiot and are helping radical Islam.

All this Wahhabi slaughter is being promulgated by Saudi Arabia and other gulf monarchies.  All other Muslim violence is minimal in comparison.  The dreaded Hamas doesn’t even come close to 1% of the body count of ISIS or The Nusra Front.  The Iranian supported groups like Hezbollah and the Houthis are fighting against Wahhabism.  They have no ambitions to take over the world or kill non-Muslims.  They just want to maintain self-determination for their counties.

This sounds like fiction, but it’s all verifiable.  You’ll notice that the people who try to deny this never present any counter evidence.  They’ll resort straight to ad hominems.  That’s how you know we can beat them in this battle of the information war.

So, to recap, the people violently targeting Christians and other minorities are always Wahhabists who are part of the US-Israel-Gulf State alliance.  The information is all out there and available.  We are told that Islamic terrorists are our enemy, but, if you take a closer look, you can see the US government is actually allied with terrorists, and the countries that are fighting Islamic terrorism are the US’s real enemy.  There is no logical excuse for this; if people knew the truth of the matter, the western establishment would be caught with its pants down.  Most people who have been exposed to the truth still won’t accept it because they are scared of going against the grain and being called “conspiracy theorists,”or they have an egoic attachment to church and state dogma. But if this information ever reaches the ears of enough uncowardly people, we could reach a tipping point.  One roadblock that people’s egos run into is the unfortunate continued trust in the media.  Everyone has reached a point where they don’t trust the other team’s media, but they can’t accept that it’s all bullshit.  They think, “if the right and left media outlets are both saying something, it must be true.” But trust in the media is quickly eroding, and we should all be working to speed up the process.