There is a large subset of people (especially in America) who think being a good Christian means being uncritically devoted to the man-made state of Israel, not being a good person or anything like that.

Not all Christians agree.  Catholics and Eastern Orthodox followers tend to hold the position that the “holy land” or “promised land” is a state of mind or a stand-in for heaven rather than a geographical location.  The idea that it is a geographical location seems to me absurdly simplistic and humanoid.  The less thoughtful sects of Christianity often apply human traits to God.  Thus, their God is a staunch nationalist, and his ego is so big that he gets offended if you don’t believe in him.  To thinking people, it should be obvious that, if there is a god, he would have to be so complex that us trying to understand him would be like a goldfish trying to understand its human owner.  But this is just one more byproduct of the dumbing down of America.  (I use the masculine pronoun “he” when referring to God out of tradition, although I think the idea that it sexually reproduces is yet another projection of the human ego.)

As for Christians who are actually from the holy land, Christian organizations from Israel-Palestine, Syria and Jordan came together in 2006 to draft the Jerusalem Declaration on Christian Zionism in which they made the argument that Zionism is placing “a political-military program in place of the teachings of Jesus Christ.” Maintaining your religious ideology with IDF guns and bombs does seem jihad adjacent, and the belief that God is deeply concerned with human politics is a childish take on theology.

Maybe I’m just a history and linguistics nerd, but I would think that Christians living in the holy land would have special status in the global Christian community, or, at the very least, their thoughts would be taken into consideration, but that is the opposite of the truth.  Christian Palestinians are discriminated against right alongside Muslim Palestinians, and western Evangelicals are either unaware or don’t care.  This may be because God’s “chosen people” are Jews, not Christians. (As if the creator of the universe would practice favoritism)  It could also be an effect of the lie that all Palestinians, Christians and Muslims, prevented Jews from returning to the promised land before 1948.  In fact, Jews were very much allowed to live in Ottoman Palestine; they just preferred Europe.

The dull-minded logic in defense of ethnic cleansing and land grabbing is disturbing enough, but once you delve into the reasons behind Christian Zionism, you may lose all faith in humanity.  Evangelicals believe the Jews’ return to Israel will usher in the Battle of Armageddon: an end-times battle between God and Satan.  This will apparently result in the rapture of all Christians.  Non-Christians, as far as I can tell, will die and then be tortured for eternity in hell.  That is around 60% of the global population, or more than 4 billion people.  Although some evangelicals also think Catholics (the majority of global Christians) also deserve to be tortured for eternity.  This is possibly the most evil thought a human can have.

Jews in Israel are happy to play along, even though the Evangelicals’ genocide fantasy would put them in the torture chamber as well.  They welcome any useful idiots who may help them achieve their Jewish supremacist goals.

Christian Zionists will often be reluctant to come out and declare their true beliefs.  This is because, at least on some level, they understand that their worldview is irrational and immoral, but they can’t stop, because it tickles their egos by making them feel powerful and important.  It is similar to the world of white-nationalists or Neo-Nazis who have to speak to each other in dogwhistes, because they know that their ideology doesn’t fit in with polite society.  If someone is confident in the credibility and morality of their beliefs, they would proudly state them.  Instead, Christian Zionists like to come up with excuses like that Israel must defend itself against all its barbaric Arab neighbors, or that it is the “only Democracy in the Middle East.” Don’t believe them; they want you dead.

These same people also usually believe that Iran is the greatest threat to the Middle East, presumably because they haven’t yet bowed down to the Jewish-Supremacist, expansionist state of Israel.  But don’t expect them to be able to tell you what makes Iran so bad, because they don’t actually know anything about the Middle East.  Most of their beliefs are strictly feelings based.  Logic and evidence is unlikely to move them.  The Israeli government and its propaganda machine is able to trick Christians into believing all sorts of provably false things.  By some happy coincidence, Christian Zionist so called “spirituality” always seems to align perfectly with long-tern Israeli geopolitical interests.

Watch out for these charlatans.  They are not real Christians; they are useful idiots.  Doing apologetics for the IDF as they murder Palestinians has nothing to do with practicing the teachings of Christ.