No adjustments were made after the blatantly fraudulent 2016 Democratic Primary.  It cannot be mentioned often enough that the DNC admitted in a Fort Lauderdale court room that they have a right to undemocratically choose their own nominees, so anyone screaming about Russia but not mentioning the DNCs meddlesome shenanigans doesn’t really care about free elections.

Senator Sanders is an existential threat to the system.  I have no doubt that the Democratic establishment would rather lose to Donald Trump than win with Bernie.  They would prefer a corporate-funded Democrat since Trump pays lip service to non-interventionism, but, at the end of the day, Trump is still a loyal servant of his corporate overlords.

In 2016-17, Bernie had a golden opportunity to overhaul America’s whole political system.  After he was cheated, he could have formed his own party, and millions of progressives would have followed him and it would have been the end of the Democrats.  But, instead, here we are in the exact same situation we were in in 2016.  For whatever reason, nothing has changed.  Now it’s time to look in on what the establishment is doing to thwart his campaign this time around

MSNBC is the most influential liberal network, according to this Common Dreams article, Bernie receives the “least and most negative” coverage by MSNBC out of all the major candidates.  The article details an In these times analysis titled “MSNBC’s Bernie Blackout,” this term is now becoming a meme and a hashtag.  The investigation found that he received less than one third of the coverage Biden did, and most of it was negative. In these times journalist Branko Marcetic said, “While pundits get paid to have opinions, MSNBC’s seem to dwell in an alternate reality…  As momentum mounts for longstanding liberal goals like single-payer healthcare and bold climate action, MSNBC’s coverage seems devoted, instead, to narrowing the liberal imagination.”

Other liberal networks, from the New York Times to CNN, are not any better.  There was a CNN/ University of New Hampshire poll recently that found Bernie leading at 21%, Warren at 18% and Biden at 15%.  CNN subsequently published five articles on the poll results but not a single one of them mentioned Sanders’ lead in the title.  The most absurd article title was “Buttigieg in fourth, but a strong fourth.”  On their TV network, CNN actually went as far as to switch Warren and Bernie’s poll results.  Of course, they would later claim it was a “mistake.”

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Warren’s very presence in the race is suspicious.  She has basically pretended to adopt almost Bernie’s entire platform.  Now the MSM can say, “There is no reason to vote for the old septuagenarian when you can vote for the slightly younger female septuagenarian with almost the same platform.” Though pretending to agree with Bernie, Warren did not endorse him in 2016.  She recently met with Hillary Clinton, which is always suspicious.  Warren’s strategy seems to be to siphon progressives away from Bernie, trick them into electing her, and then implement a neo-liberal, Obama 2.0 administration.

The sheer number of candidates is probably also some type of DNC conspiracy.  Under the current rules, superdelegates are exempt from the first round, but if no one gets an absolute majority, superdelegates will choose the winner in the second round.  The number of candidates pretty much insures no one will get an absolute majority.  So don’t expect the Democratic primary to be democratic.

The corporate, liberal media is also pushing the same anti-Medicare for All talking points  as the right-wing corporate media.  These talking points are easily refutable, so it’s weird to hear them coming from so called “left” outlets like MSNBC and The New York Times, a paper that named Sydney Ember as its full-time Bernie Sanders correspondent.  Sydney Ember is blatantly biased against Bernie, and she likes to quote corporate lobbyists as reliable sources.

Possibly the worst anti-Bernie propaganda rag is the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post.  Everyone on their staff knows that their jobs depend on maintaining the status quo.  In 2016, WaPo published 16 negative stories in 16 hours.  They picked up this election cycle where the left off last time.  Ironically, the paper’s slogan is “Democracy dies in darkness.”

No real improvements to voting machines have been made since 2016.  Hackers have warned that many voting machines can easily be hacked.  

Washington won’t tolerate a progressive president.  They would kill him before they allowed that to happen.  If Americans want real change they are going to have to get out on the streets and demand it.