Senator Sanders has opened up a sizable lead in the Democratic primary.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who took the time to look at the polls and see that he is by far the most popular candidate in the race, but it’s a reality that the MSM worked hard to conceal.  They hoped it would fade away, but here it is, a prime-time lead story that no one can avoid.  He’s the front runner.  Ignoring him proved unsuccessful, now the MSM is transitioning to attack mode.

The ever-expanding, catch-all smear job known as Russiagate has taken aim at him, as I said it would.  The day before the Nevada caucus, The Washington Post published a story saying that the intelligence community had briefed Sanders on information indicating that Russia was aiding the Sanders campaign.  The intelligence community would later say that the claim may have been “overstated,” which is MSM-CIA code for “made up.”  But, of course, the retraction never gets as much attention as the the initial story.

I don’t fully understand what response the Russiagaters are trying to manufacture.  Could it be, “I used to want everyone to have healthcare and to stop the endless wars, but then I learned that that’s what Vladimir Putin wants, so to hell with Yemenis and Syrians and all the people afflicted with preventable illnesses that can’t afford treatment.  Let them all die.” That’s about the most logical response that can be derived from the Russia-Bernie narrative.  The level of contempt the MSM-CIA has for regular people is on full display.  They think we’re all morons.  But apparently they misjudged us to some extent, because Sanders has not dropped in the polls.

You’ll still hear people calling a “communist,” and equating him with authoritarian leftist dictators like Stalin, Mao or Castro.  This is reassuring to me.  If a person’s ideology cannot be impugned without the use of a strawman, that speaks volumes about the validity of the ideology.  If they can’t debate an ideology honestly, they must understand on some level that they may not be on the correct side of the argument.  To demonstrate how irrational this argument is, I will use the ‘Sanders is Stalin’ logic on Republicans: “Republicans support right-wing theocrats.  Do you know who else are right-wing theocrats? ISIS.  Case closed, Republicans love ISIS.” I would never make such an argument.  Not only because I’m burdened with the habit of intellectual honesty, but also because the Republican platform is stupid and illogical and easily be impugned without using strawmen.

People will also wheel out the old ‘Bernie bro’ talking point.  ‘Bernie bro’ is a term invented by the 2016 Hillary campaign to imply that all Sanders supporters were sexist men.  This is a common tactic for her, as she also used it against Obama in ’08 by coining the term ‘Obama boys.’ But the term has morphed into something different this time.  It has now come to denote enthusiastic mostly online supports who rudely advocate for Sanders.  Every politician has rude online supporters.  Sanders has more than other candidates because he has more overall supporters.  Sanders’ support base is comparable in size to Trump’s.  This is a good thing if you want a social democratic agenda implemented.  As you may recall, Trump won.

You also have the ‘small government’ crowd crying about how Sanders will raise the dept so much the economy will collapse.  First of all, don’t believe anything a ‘small government’ cultist says.  As I proved two weeks ago, they don’t actually give a shit about the debt; and, remember, 99% of these hypocrites cheered for the extra-judicial assassination of Soleimani and don’t have any problem with a foreign publisher, Julian Assange, being imprisoned for revealing truths that didn’t endanger anyone.  They love ‘big government’ if it tweaks their egos.

Secondly, any argument against Medicare for All, or social democracy in general, must take into account that every other developed country in the world already does this.  If their theory is that nationalized health insurance will bring down the economy, they must explain why that hasn’t happened in the other countries.  If they can’t explain that, they can be ignored, and their arguments will never convince anyone but the chior.

The fact that Sanders is Jewish may work in his favor.  This mostly disarms the media-intelligence-complex of the winning strategy they used against Jeremy Corbyn. ‘Small government’ Trump has been taking an axe to the first amendment, going as far as to define Judaism as a nationality, effectively making it an act of discrimination to criticize the Israeli state.  But at least Sanders has a pretty good defense against fallacious claims that he’s an anti-Semite.

Buckle up.  We’re just getting started.  The flow of bullshit is just a trickle right now, and that’s saying something because we’ve already seen an MSNBC host compare Sanders’ win in Nevada to the Nazi takeover of France, but it’s going to get much worse.  Over the course of the next few months it will turn into a raging torrent.  Corporations and their useful idiots won’t tolerate anyone who prioritizes the welfare of the American people over the profits of corporations.  They want you to keep paying your taxes but to not expect anything in return, except for maybe a bunch of dead brown kids in the Middle East.