How the times have changed.  Just a couple weeks ago I was cautiously optimistic.  But the DNC crushed my dreams, as they always do.

They stole it from Bernie Sanders, and, make no mistake, that’s what’s happened.  Biden is not winning, the Democratic establishment is stealing it for him.  Just as they did for Hillary in 2016.  Some exit polls are off by more than 8%, always to the benefit of Joe Biden.  Many states are still using the same ‘black box’ voting machines they were four years ago.

This is not surprising, but I had thought people would make more noise about it this time. I even had hopes of massive protests at the Democratic convention.  Now it seems that the Coronavirus is conveniently putting an end to that possibility.  The American people are not as plugged in as I thought.  They continue to labor under the delusion that election fraud is something that only happens in banana republics and former communist bloc countries but could never happen in their country’s pristine elections.

What never ceases to depress me is Bernie’s total unwillingness to fight back.  Not only will he not acknowledge the election fraud, he won’t even point out Biden’s obvious corruption.  He’s not up for the task.  Anyone who is looking to him for leadership has not clearly evaluated the situation.

A leader can be a huge asset to any movement but should never BE the movement.  People’s commitment to social democracy is going to be put to the test.  What will the movement look like in a post-Sanders world?  He won’t be running next election cycle.  The ideas must outlive the man.  Millennials are only getting older, but boomers are dying.  The tides WILL change.  They can’t be held back forever.  But, in the meantime, be weary of all individuals.

Tulsi Gabbard turned out to be compromised.  That one’s a major head-scratcher.  No one can argue that Biden better represents her ideology than Bernie, yet there she is endorsing him, even after all the smears that the Democratic establishment and their media apparatus threw at her.  Who knows what they have on her.  Maybe they made a deepfake of her praising Hitler.  The possibilities are endless, but the takeaway is the same: don’t look to individuals to manifest change.  You’ll be disappointed.  Change must come from the people.  An individual can be compromised.  A movement of millions cannot.

Creepy Joe Biden has been accused of a 1993 sexual assault of one of his staffers.  It will be interesting to see the reactions of blue-no-matter-who liberals when they hear the news.  They will have to engage in mental gymnastics to come up with excuses for why their principles no longer apply.  The main takeaway from this is something we should already know: most people don’t actually believe in anything.  They’re just supporting their team.  But this reality should become more clear for the minority of us who DO have principles.

This is also further evidence that most high-level politicians are degenerates.  They’re low-life scum that most of us would never want to associate with in our private lives.  They’ve been placed on their lofty perches by MSM narrative management and shit tons of corporate cash.  They are only trusted to occupy seats of power because the oligarchs have their degeneracy to hang over their heads. They’ll do as they’re told if they don’t want the public to see all the skeletons in their closets.  How many politicians have to be outed as sexual predators before we collectively conclude that this is a sick system.  Corporatism is the opposite of meritocracy.  The worst people rise to the top.

The primary may be postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  I can’t imagine them holding more state contests in the current climate.  This could lead to an unprecedented situation.  Maybe the general election season will be dramatically shortened, or, perhaps, even postponed.  Maybe they will prematurely declare Biden the winner.  Maybe Bernie will be a team player and drop out.  Rachel Maddow has already encouraged him to do so to end the primary for the “safely of the country,” because apparently the Rhodes scholar thinks (or wants us to think) that the primary is just for the presidential race. She’s dreaming of a world where all the corrupt members of congress in the remaining states who are being challenged AOC-style are safe.

If the general election season is shortened, and the virus is still lurking about, they will find a way to cancel the debates.  This will serve Biden well as his brain is deteriorating by the day.

One of the major questions to be asked is who will Biden’s running mate be.  In the unlikely event that he wins, I predict that he will step down within a year of being inaugurated.  I’ve heard Hillary Clinton’s name being bandied about, God forbid.  Who ever it is, they’re not going to give a damn about us.

A couple weeks ago, I would have said that creepy, demented Joe Biden had no chance of dethroning Trump, but all assumptions are off in the current situation.  I figured this year’s election would be a novel exercise in maintaining the illusion of  democracy, but this is not what I had in mind.