Creepy Uncle Joe’s time in the spotlight is almost over.  He says something stupid every time he opens his mouth, and people are starting to notice.  So the establishment is going to need to find a new favorite if they want to keep Bernie marginalized.  Kamala is tanking in the polls now that her prosecutorial record is widely known.  So it seems like they may turn their attention on Elizabeth Warren.  She is said to have successfully  courted many DNC elites at last week’s DNC Summer Meeting.

Warren is an enigma.  Her exact ideology is hard to pen down.  When asked whether she supports Medicare or All in the form of a yes-or-no question, she says “yes”.  But when she’s stating her specific policy, she’s more likely to say something like,”All Americans should have access to affordable healthcare.” You’ll notice there are a couple unnecessary words in there.  She also claims that all Democrats want the same thing: universal coverage.  This statement is demonstrably false, as all of the Democratic leadership is fighting to maintain the status quo, in which 25-30 million people are left uncovered.   Another one of her go-to quotes is “there are many ways to get to Medicare for all.” No, Liz, there’s pretty much just one.  You give everyone medicare; that’s it.

She is somewhat critical of the Military Industrial Complex, but just because of their carbon footprint; she doesn’t take a moral stand against offensive wars.  Here’s a tweet she made in May.

We don’t have to choose between a green military and an effective one. My plan will improve our service members’ readiness and safety, and achieve cost savings for American taxpayers. Together, we can fight climate change—and win.

So, as you can see, she is concerned about service members’ “readiness” to go bomb people, but not too concerned about the well-being of the people getting bombed.  She also consistently votes to increase America’s absurdly bloated military budget.

In a recent poll by Monmouth University, Warren was tied for first with Bernie at 20% each, and Biden was one step down at 19%.  The poll surveyed almost than 300 random people and it’s margin of error is plus or minus 5.7 percentage points.  But the DNC is still hanging on to the delusion that Biden is popular, so they’re calling this an anomaly and are disregarding it.  Granted, some other polls have a larger test group, but a poll is a poll, and they should all be taken into account when formulating the big picture.

The DNC is making a habit out of disregarding inconvenient polls.  They excluded Tulsi from the third debate on the claim that the polls she is doing well in are not ‘legitimate.’  In the last debate, Tulsi seriously hurt Kamala Harris’s chances of getting the nomination, so the DNC is determined to stop her from doing the same with other corporate-friendly candidates.

Jake Mercier of Citizen Source came out with a bombshell a couple days ago.  He revealed that the director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center is partnered with CNN and that CNN pays for their surveys and decides when they are done.  The director, Andrew E. Smith, says that CNN chose not to do a poll with that university before the September debate.  The University of New Hampshire Survey Center is a DNC-approved survey.  As the first primary state, New Hampshire is usually taken very seriously.  But the establishment has a problem this year: Tulsi is very popular there because the state tends to lean libertarian.  It’s becoming clear that the DNC will not allow a poll to go forward if Tulsi is likely to do well in it.  Keep in mind that CNN and the DNC are known to be in bed together.  As revealed by leaked emails, CNN leaked debate question to Hillary Clinton before a debate for the last election.

Under the current rules, a candidate must be polling at at least 2% in four different legitimate polls to make the September debate stage.  The problem is, the DNC does not specify what counts as legitimate; they have no list of accepted polls.  They just decide after the fact, and, by coincidence, they’ve recently decided that polls that show Tulsi doing well are unacceptable.  She polled at at least 2% in polls conducted by the biggest newspapers in South Carolina and New Hampshire.  If it was said months ago that those polls are not acceptable, this would be a different story.  But they can’t just decide at the last minute with no transparency.  Candidates who made the debate stage include Amy Klobuchar and Julian Castro.  Can anyone seriously say with a straight face that Amy Klobuchar is more popular than Tulsi Gabbard?

The attacks on Bernie Sanders continue.  America’s supposedly left-leaning media outlets like MSNBC keep parroting the Fox News talking point that Medicare for All would take away people’s healthcare, even though, by definition, it GIVES everyone healthcare.  They also claim that a lot of people like their current healthcare plans, but when you ask people to get specific on what they like about their plans, it becomes clear that what they really like are the doctors that are included in their plans.  Under Medicare for All, people can see any doctor they want.

It will be interesting to watch the continued downfall of Biden.  Twice in recent weeks, he forgot Obama’s name.  My favorite gaffe of his was in a campaign speech a couple weeks ago when he said, “Poor kids are just as bright as white kids.” His mental decline is undeniable at this point.  I have a feeling that he’s going to say something so stupid in the next debate that it will basically end his campaign.  It will be interesting to see who the DNC forces on us after his inevitable fall from grace, and how they will continue to try to marginalize Bernie as he inches closer to the top of the leaderboard.