aoc Bernie

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the Democratic party’s new golden girl.  She has gone from being unknown to arguably the most recognizable face in the party in under a year.  The pussy-hat-wearing mob, smitten by her woman of color status, has taken to her as if she’s the ideological successor to Rosa Parks.  Apparently they haven’t noticed yet that their beloved Democratic establishment despises her, and they could be forgiven for not picking up on that, because the MSM has been walking on eggshells around her: treating her like a celebrity or human-interest piece, but never really endorsing her.  The media has held back on smearing her for now; they have to try to keep up some level of objectivity; even though to everyone paying attention, that image is laying in shattered pieces on the floor.

They already neutralized the threat of AOC’s Justice Democrats colleague Ilhan Omar who wasn’t thrust center stage in the primary, because she didn’t have to knockoff a party stalwart.  Omar maintained a low profile.  There were some headlines, graced with a picture of the hijab-wearing Somali-American, about her being the first Muslim woman in congress.  But now she’s been thoroughly smeared as an antisemitic Hamas apologist.  The establishment desperately wishes they could do the same with AOC, but the clock is still ticking and she’s only becoming more well-known and popular.

I don’t see many points of light when thinking about the near future of American politics.  We have Mueller’s upcoming nothing burger; that will be good family fun.  Besides that, there is AOC’s inevitable endorsement of an old white guy named Bernie Sanders.  It will then become undeniable that AOC is a serious politician who actually cares about policy and not just identity and personality worship.  The fallout will be fascinating.  The psychotic pussy-hat fringes will call her a ‘traitor to her gender.’ The New York Times and The Washington Post will write op-eds with titles like “What Does the Kremlin Have on AOC?” She’ll become fair game for corporate pundits like Rachel Maddow.

Her rejection by the mainstream will make her more popular in alternative circles.  Alternative media pundits will finally start asking critical questions like “Why has AOC not spoken out against the Venezuela coup?” and “I don’t ever recall hearing her opinion on Syria.  Is she pro-regime change?”

And then she’ll become just another politician who is much better than average but still endlessly disappointing.  The MSM hits on her will make people think.  The base will be divided on her.  But she’ll still probably be a senator soon and likely even president some day.