The US recently seized a shipment of 25-thousand tons of soy products bound for Venezuela.  The shipment seizure came just days after Trump signed an executive order  that imposes a near-total blockade on government assets entering Venezuela.  This is the same depraved economic warfare we’ve come to expect from the US empire, but I find it interesting given the context of the years-long US media narrative that “Venezuelans are starving due to failed socialist policies, and we must save them before they all die.”

For years, we’ve been hearing about how Venezuelans are eating rats and zoo animals because they’re on the Maduro diet.  Food security was always front and center in media coverage of the Maduro government.  So what should the US’s response be?  Apparently it is to blockade the country.  Now seriously ask yourself how would that solve the problems of a starving country.

We’re also repeatedly told that socialism has failed the Venezuelan economy and led to hyperinflation.  The ruling class in the West assures us that they are very concerned about this.  But, earlier this year, the Bank of England regrettably had to steal $1.56 billion in gold from the Venezuelan Central Bank, and Deutsche Bank stole another $1.4 billion in gold.  Gold reserves are the best way to guard against inflation.  Surely that will solve everything and teach those reds how it’s done.

This news needs to be shared far and wide.  It is an educational moment we cannot let slip by.  Anyone with the courage to look can see that the emperor does in fact have no clothes.  If any of you are on the fence, thinking that the political/ media class has principles, and you’re saying things like “Sure they make mistakes sometimes, but they’re trying their best,” this should put those thoughts to rest if you’re intellectually honest.  You would have to work hard to find such an obvious example of a bigger disconnect between their stated objectives and their real-world actions.

Speaking of left-wing Latin American countries being brutally sabotaged by the western establishment.  Another very instructive should-be scandal has been unfolding for the past few years.  A Cuban research hospital has developed a lung cancer vaccine called CimaVax-EGF.  It is used on patients who already have lung cancer.  They are injected with a cancer-like cell called EGF, which raises the production of antibodies that fight cancer cells.  It has proven to be successful in many patients.  Any innovations in oncology should be welcomed since more common treatments like radiation and chemotherapy are notoriously ineffective.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the drug is still not approved in the US or most European countries.

Now if you are a thinking person, alarm bells should be going off as you learn about this.  Why was it that a small, socialist Caribbean country were the ones to discover this treatment?  It appears to my uneducated eyes to be a fairly simple, inexpensive procedure.  It is common sense that treating illnesses is more profitable than curing them.  Treatment is a prolonged process that involves the patients (customers) coming back for more.  I would really love to be blissfully naive enough to be confident that capitalist pharmaceutical companies would make any life-saving treatment they develop available to the public, but this really helps to cast doubt over that assumption.  Why would anyone put life-and-death authority in the hands of for-profit corporations?

To make matters worse, Trump has made it illegal for Americans to travel to Cuba for medical treatment.  Now thousands of people are breaking the law by going to Cuba to receive the vaccine.  They have to lie on their visa applications, and they often illegally smuggle the vaccine back.  Some don’t even tell their oncologists at home about their new treatment.  It’s now become patriotic to die of preventable disease.  What have we come to as a society when people have to break the law have a chance at staying alive?