Russiagate has harmed the American body politic in a multitude of ways.  Usually when I’m arguing with liberals about Russiagate I end up only focusing on a single aspect and failing to get them to understand the totality.  So I’m going to list its negative effects here.  I’m not going to talk about evidence for or against the theory; that would take way too long.  I’m just going to focus on how the American establishment is using it to achieve their goals.  So even if you still believe the central premise of Russiagate (you’re wrong, by the way) you should be able to see that it is harmful and plays into the corrupt establishment’s hands in every way.  You may think I’m a bit late posting this and that the Russiagate hysteria is mercifully dying down a bit, but I think it’s gonna make a big comeback during the course of the 2020 election cycle.  Here goes.


  1. It sucks the air out of the room, preventing discussion of more pressing, reality-based issues. In the heat of these arguments, I often say something like: “Let’s please focus on other issues, like healthcare, ending the wars, the environment, etc.”  Usually someone will then respond with something like: “Why can’t you focus on those things AND Russiagate?” In theory, we could.  But in reality, we can’t.  More people protested the firing of Jeff “Good people don’t smoke marijuana” Sessions than protested the pulling out of the Iran deal, the pulling out of the Paris climate accords, Trump’s disastrous Tax plan, the bombing of Syria, and the war in Yemen combined.  Since the beginning of 2017, Rachel Maddow, the most popular TV newscaster in America, devoted more than 50% of her program to Russia, meaning she talked about Russia more than all other issues combined.  Americans have proven themselves incapable and/or unwilling to focus on more than one thing at a time.
  2. It is used to sheepdog the American people into line on foreign policy. The hysteria has died down a bit, but I was disturbed to see that the most popular liberal responses to Trump’s decision to not bomb Iran were things like: “Putin called off the strike.” This is not that alarming in a vacuum, especially when people saying it are generally against an invasion of Iran.  But it is the continuation of a very insidious trend.  Most Democrats opposed Trumps proposed pull out of Syria because it was “exactly what Putin wanted.” The liberal media used the presence of Russian troops in Venezuela as an excuse for military and economic escalations.  Maddow said that if Trump deescalates by pulling troops off of Russia’s border, that is proof that he’s Putin’s puppet.  In short, Russiagate has completed the long, slow transition of Liberals into Neocons.
  3. It is used to censor independent media. If you told American liberals in 2003 that in 16 years they would be cheering on a Republican administration for going against constitutional and international law to prosecute a foreign publisher for revealing the truth about US war crimes, I don’t imagine they would have believed you.  But never underestimate the power of propaganda and the pliability of the human mind.  The Democrats and liberal media became obsessed with the idea that Russia brainwashed Americans and forced them to vote against their own interests with well-placed Facebook memes.  To fight back against this disinformation campaign, Facebook and Twitter deleted thousands of accounts with no ties to Russia; these included anti-war activists, police-accountability activists, pro-Maduro accounts, pro-Iran accounts, pro-Assad accounts, environmental activists and many more.  But liberals didn’t object.  Possibly it was because they didn’t know about it, but I think it is also possible that seeds had been sufficiently planted in their minds that there is an information war going on, and that they can’t be trusted to form their own views on the world, so Big Brother must protect them against the wrongthink.  This is the terrifying result of gaslighting, which is a term that everyone needs to familiarize themselves with; it means manipulating people by getting them to question their own sanity or mental ability.  If you’re scared of information, you’ve been gaslighted.  And Russiagate has a lot to answer for where that’s concerned.
  4. It diverts attention away from the rigged Democratic Primary and other Democratic Party corruption.  If you don’t know that the 2016 Democratic primary was rigged, you really need to educate yourself.  This should have been the biggest scandal in America since the WMDs lie, yet it went unnoticed by most liberals.  And most of the liberals who did notice are more angry at Wikileaks for telling us what Hillary did than they are at Hillary for rigging the primary.  Emails from Hillary and other Democrats began to leak out in July of 2016, and the cover up was masterful; it will be a case study for propagandists for centuries.  The Democrats and their media completely changed the conversation.  They made it all about Russia Russia Russia!  The media hardly mentioned the bombshells that we learned like that Hillary has a public and private position, Hillary admitted that Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund ISIS and Al Qaeda, Obama’s cabinet was almost entirely chosen by Citigroup executives, the Hillary campaign and her media allies promoted Trump as part of what they called the Pied Piper Strategy under the false assumption that he would be easy to beat in the general election, CNN leaked the debate questions to Hillary, and much more.
  5. It is used to justify increased military budgets. This one is a bit illogical, but making sense was never a top priority of the American establishment.  You would think if the Democrats really thought the president was under the thumb of a hostile foreign power that they would want to DECREASE his military budget.  Instead, every single Democratic senator voted to increase the military budget in 2018 to $717 billion with plans to increase it to more than $730 billion in 2019.  This is because they all take bribes, I mean donations, from defense contractors, but of course they laughably claimed it is to combat Russia.  By the way, Russia is a paper tiger.  It spends 8.7% as much on its military as the US does, and the US’s $74 billion 2018 military spending increase is more than Russia’s entire $63 billion military budget.
  6. It is used to dismiss progressives. One of the best and most progressive major-party presidential candidates of the last century is Tulsi Gabbard.  But she has conveniently been labeled “Russia’s favorite Democrat.” In an extreme twist of irony, she is the only member of Congress trying to secure America’s elections.  She introduced a bill called the “Securing America’s Elections Act” in which it would become law that all states use modern unhackable voting machines with paper trails.  You would think that all the Democrats who claim “Russia hacked the election” would love this bill, but you’d be wrong (and incredibly naïve).  If logic existed in liberal media, she would be one of their favorite candidates.  But of course this is the real world, and her bill got almost no support from establishment Democrats.

The New York Times wrote an article about how Russia brainwashed African Americans into supporting Bernie Sanders using Facebook groups about dogs and such.  Obviously, African Americans couldn’t have supported Bernie because they want access to healthcare.  It must be Russian brainwashing.  Bernie is running again, so you can expect similar tactics in the coming year.